Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Contented Kids

Jill and the kids are settling in nicely after the whirlwind of the last two weeks.  Yesterday we all went to Jill's new school to unpack boxes and set up her classroom.  We got lots done, and took time out to go see a rental house.  Jill signed papers, we paid the initial fees and she now has the keys.  We can make the move slowly, as we have time.  It's a small house, not what they are accustomed to, but it will do until they can get clear of the house payments in Colorado.

This morning Jill went off to work, to attend an all day math workshop.  We had the kids and we all were ready to take it easy.  Grandpa took the kids out to pick produce in the garden.  Can you spot the Rainbow Girl with her baskets?

Isaac and Tom did the actual picking of the beans.
There were cucumbers to pick, a few more zucchini to add to the pile all ready in the refrigerator, and then carrots to pull.

That done, I wanted to keep the kids outside on such a beautiful day.  I suggested that Irene could make the picnic table her office.  That's all it took, that and needing a card board box, which I supplied.  They were still playing here when I went off for a lunch date with retired teacher friends.

When I got home about three they had moved the whole kit and caboodle up to their room, where they played for several more hours.

We grilled burgers for dinner, served up with some of those fresh veggies picked this morning.  It was a restful day for all of us.


  1. Contented kids = a contented grandmother. You seem so very contented and happy with the grandchildren there. I am really thrilled for you all, and just a little jealous. I wish my grands lived closer.

  2. I understand why Sally is a little jealous; I only have pictures and the occasional video with my grand niece, who is growing like a weed. Your grands have been blessed with the adventure of learning about this part of the country.

    We are kindred spirits: I came here from Colorado and know how different it is. The proximity to the water and the incredible lushness of the Pacific Northwest have become my favorite parts of Washington, so far.

  3. Whoa! What have I missed?? Jill and the family are moving West!!! How exciting for all of you! Great for you all to have such help in the garden.

  4. Wonderful that you have the new generation near to share your gardening passion. It will be great for Jill and her husband to have you close for support and backup. Best of all, less time in airports.

  5. You simply must take a photo of the 4 generations of women in your family: Great grandmother, grandma, mother, and Irene. That's what we do at Christmas every year without fail.

  6. it sounds like things are working out fun to have grand parents to babysit...

  7. It is amazing how kids will amuse themselves given the right circumstances Linda - Dave


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