Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Reason To Bake Again

I haven't done much baking in a while because with just Tom and me at home, we don't eat that much, and we don't need it.

But it won't be just the two of us now.  Jill and the kids will live with us for a while, until they arrange other housing, and even then they will be nearby.  It's a reason to bake again.  

I got started this morning, baking zucchini bread.  It's now tucked away in the freezer.

This afternoon I attended a Sounders match at the stadium, solo.  Tom is in Colorado helping to pack up the house and to help drive the U-Haul truck back to Seattle.

I have been receiving progress reports all day via text messages.  I am happy to report that the truck is loaded, the house is mostly empty, and all have headed to Corey's mother's house for an overnight.  Tom and Jill will set out from there tomorrow morning and hope to make the trip in two days.  Corey will put the kids on the plane Monday, and then go back to the house to clean and prepare it hopefully to be rented.  He will then move in with his Dad while he continues to work, go to school, and apply for work here in Seattle.  Hopefully the separation will be short term.

So it's really happening, that fast.  I'm still trying to grasp the reality of it, of the fact that my family will all be here!

I'm going to go for my evening walk now and think about it.  


  1. And it happened so fast! I think it's just simply wonderful, Linda, and I'm excited for you too...

  2. life can change too quickly sometimes but when it's good news-it's welcome...

  3. I am so very, very excited for you, Linda! You really got that larger fridge just in time. I can just imagine how thrilled your grandchildren are...not to mention their parents.

  4. These special times always seem to come out of the blue. Great news to hear your family is going to be near you.

  5. Wow, that bread looks good.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts about the move.

    When Son moved from Japan to Oregon my friends in Texas could not understand my excitement. I told them 2,000 miles as opposed to 6,000 miles seemed like he was moving into our backyard.

  6. I moan because my grand kids are 70 miles away. How exciting for all of you.

  7. It's wonderful how your life has turned for the better. Does this mean you will no longer visit Colorado?


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