Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lazy Days of Late Summer

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle, and we are lovin' it!

This morning  I loaded the kids' bikes into the van and we went over to the nearby park where I do my exercise walking.  I walked and they rode and we all got our morning sun and fresh air and exercise.

At lunch time the kids used the old Snoopy lunch box I had tucked away in the pantry to pack up a picnic to take to the garden deck.

The kids used a packing box that arrived at the door this afternoon to make an "Animal Army Headquarters". There are "Keep Out" signs on the door - secret operations going on there.
Jill is the only one really working much. She remembered this morning that the car trunk was still loaded with clothing and stuff.  Along with checking out housing, filing paper work with the school district and monitoring phone and email, she is getting the last moved in.
Isaac loves to use the key and unlock the mailbox to check the mail. "It's fun, Grandma!"

Now Irene needs my attention.  She is making a store downstairs, and so I guess I need to go shopping.
Post script: Tom begs to differ about Jill being the only one working.  He cleaned up some yard debris, cut back a rambler rose, and mowed the lawn.  I guess he did work!


  1. Loved the photos of your grandkids Linda. They are certainly enjoying themselves. I was very interested in that locked mailbox too. I've never seen one of those.

  2. Such beautiful children, they are. I love the photo of Isaac checking the mail.

  3. They really are strikingly gorgeous children, Linda. This post just made me smile and smile and smile.

  4. I enjoyed this post, Linda. Very heartwarming!

  5. it must be such joy to have them there and share all the everyday things

    I love how content they look :)


    hugs to all

  6. Oh, you are SO not enjoying this time. Right???!!!

  7. surely you are working too, tending kids and feeding everyone...have fun grandma!


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