Friday, August 19, 2011

In Oregon

We are spending the night at our bedroom in Oregon, the Best Western in Woodburn, 15 miles from my mother in Molalla.  

We had a leisurely drive down I-5 due to heavy traffic, a stop to pick up my new eye glasses, a Starbucks coffee stop because Tom was asleep and I was getting too drowsy to drive any more, and a picnic lunch stop by a lake in Woodland, WA.  

We finally reached our hotel about 4:00, checked in, and then went across the freeway to the outlet mall, where we dropped some change on school clothing for Isaac and Irene, after calling Jill to check on sizes.

After dinner at Elmer's, we went to visit Mom, take her a small bouquet of sweet peas from our yard, and share some ice cream and berries we picked up along the way.

Tomorrow we'll do a little exploring and then take Mom to the annual Mohr/Hofstetter Family Picnic.

I hear my sister and my brother and their spouses will be there too, as well as a cousin or two and aunts and uncles.  My mother will especially enjoy visiting with her cousins, and will be proud to have three of her five children there. There will be lots of food and visiting.

Meanwhile, Jill and the kids are spending the weekend at the cabin on Whidbey Island for Jake's Escape to Whidbey weekend.  Now that they live here, they can just invite themselves to be included, and party crash whenever they feel like it!

Fun for all!


  1. Life is truly golden for you and your family, Linda. I'm really excited for you. Thanks for stopping by. You do KNOW that I know how busy you are and don't expect you to be keeping up with my blog posting.

  2. sounds fun to have so many of your family around you. i found some new cousins here in iceland. everyone is very friendly and the weather is cooperating-sunny and almost warm at!

  3. I know I only know your and your family virtually, but when I read one of your posts it always seems like it's MY family, too. It's so great that the grandkids will be present so much more. I look forward to your posts, Linda.

  4. Aw, that is so sweet. I am glad you have these phenomenal family get-togethers. Enjoy!

  5. I can't think of anything better than the life you and Tom are living now.

  6. Sounds like something for everyone kind of weekend. Enjoy.


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