Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In With the New

The new refrigerator was delivered this morning.
 Out with the old.

 In with the new.  It's a Samsung.

Because the original delivery was to be at the same time we were taking Jill and family to the airport, we delayed it until this morning.  So Irene wasn't here to decorate it with magnets.
Moving in.  I think I'm going to like it very much.  Tomorrow I'll move into the bottom freezer section.  Right now everything is crammed into the freezer in the garage.
On an ordinary day this would be big news.  But these are no ordinary times in our family.

It turns out Irene will be back to decorate the new refrigerator sooner than I expected.

Monday morning, a day before they were set to return to Colorado, Jill was informed that she was being offered the teaching job she had  interviewed for last week. 

That set in motion a chain reaction!

It turns out that she and Corey had been interviewing for jobs here in Seattle/King County but had not told anyone.  They want to relocate here.  Now suddenly Jill had a job and school starting September 1.  Corey's job is still back in Fort Morgan, CO.  Now what?

Well, Jill and the kids will be moving out immediately - like this coming weekend.  Jill and Corey rented a U-Haul, and have a storage unit ready. Tom will fly to Denver Friday to help Jill drive the truck, towing her car.  Somehow between now and then the truck will be packed and they'll spend Sunday and Monday driving.  The kids will fly out to me on Monday.  Corey will stay and fix up the house they have been trying to sell and rent it out, move in with his dad, keep his job and finish up his AA degree.  Meanwhile, if he gets a job here he will come out sooner.

They looked at several rental house here before they left, but have nothing yet.  Jill and the kids will move in with us until they find housing.  Their stuff will go into storage for now.

Isaac and Irene will go to school where Jill is teaching.

I spent last night and today cleaning out closets and drawers and under sinks, making room for Jill and the kids.  We hauled a bunch of stuff to Good Will.

All of this was done since Monday morning.  And there is much more to be done.

My dream of having my kids and grand kids nearby is coming true!  But it will take a while for that to sink in.  Wow.

And my gain is their other grandmother's loss.  And I know how that feels.


  1. Lots of changes for everyone, but sounds as though they will be wonderful ones for all of you and I'm so glad!!! We're having a lot of changes in our family situation, too, good ones, but change! Holding good thoughts for all of you!!


  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Linda! That is totally amazing!!! I'm so thrilled for you all. I can hardly believe it. Everything is happening so quickly.

    I love your new fridge too actually. If I had it to do over, that's the fridge I would get. It's got so much storage. Lucky you!

  3. Congratulations to Jill!!! Wow, wonderful news for everyone. What a shock, huh?

  4. a new refrigerator for all those juice boxes and tasty treats!! :)

    it all sounds so exciting Linda
    I wish all good things for everyone, that's a lot of change all at once

  5. How absolutely wonderful for you! And now you will have them close by, I hope it doesn't mean fewer pictures of them for the blog, since having them around will be commonplace.

    And the fridge is HUGE! Very nice and necessary for such a big family you'll be for a while now.

  6. No rest for the weary. You'd better get your skates on. You and Tom are going from busy to super busy. Hope all works out well with the move. Sounds exciting.

  7. Wow, big happenings for your family.

    Is you refer a Maytag? It looks exactly like ours.

    Yes a hoop house is the answer for tomatoes and Basil. The basil is 2 feety hight and some of the toms are 5ft. Red and real tasty. MB

  8. Whew...a whirlwind weekend with many changes ahead. Best of luck to all in navigating this new life.

  9. How wonderful to have Jill and the Grandchildren close by. It sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you in the near term, though.

  10. This is great news! You'll love having your daughter and her children so close. I hope your son-in-law won't have to wait long before joining all of you. Jill did well to snag that teaching job!

  11. wow, what will you do for vacations! What a blessing and a surprise. Hope it all works out well.

  12. Great news, we never know what's around the next corner. Love your new fridge, I just bought a tube of crazy glue to stick the bar to the inside ledge, which has broken and if I'm not careful, spills the items I have in the door all over the floor. I'm thinking about that new fridge too.


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