Sunday, August 7, 2011

How I Became a Sponsor of the Albert Lee Seafair Hydroplane Races

We have a side-by-side refrigerator that is between 15 and 20 years old. Lately the freezer side door latch has not been working well, and the door can easily be left ajar.  

That's what happened while we were away for three days.  When we got home we found a big puddle on the floor, everything melted in the freezer, and the refrigerator side not cooling.  

Panic!  Tom cleaned up the puddle.  I tossed most of the contents of the freezer and some of the refrigerator.  We closed the doors and went on line to see what the refrigerator market looked like these days.

That was Thursday.  On Friday, instead of going to the hydro qualifying and Blue Angels airshow practice on the free-day Friday, Tom and I went shopping for refrigerators.  The kids were tired anyway, and Jill, Corey and Isaac were going to the actual races on Sunday.  That's today, and as I type, we're getting ready for the final race.  I'll go watch on TV and then get back to my story.
I can now report that the Oh Boy Oberto driven by Steve David has won the Seafair Cup.  A popular favorite.  And now back to my story.  I have to get this published and then get ready to cook dinner for the race goers, who will now be working their way back home.

By Friday morning the refrigerator and freezer were back to working normally, but I no longer trusted them.  It was time to shop for a new one.  We started a Lowes, found several we might be interested in, got model numbers and prices.  Then we headed to Albert Lee Appliances, a local chain of about four stores, and the sponsor of this year's hydro races.  They had the same models available, but for more money.  We were about to leave when the salesman said, "Oh, by the way, we will match any price you find at another store."  And they did.  And so we did - buy from them.

Our old side-by-side did not have an ice maker and water dispenser, so it was not plumbed.  New ones come with both, but we did not want a water dispenser.  We bought a 'french door' type, with double doors and a freezer on the bottom.  It has an ice maker, which means we had to do the plumbing.  
 Corey knew what he was doing and Tom was grateful for the help.
The new models are also taller, so we had to move the cabinets above the refrigerator.

And now we're set for delivery on Tuesday.  We're all excited about having something new.  It should be installed before Jill and family leave Tuesday evening.  Irene wants to put the magnets back on it.

And yes, I'll show you pics of the new one when we get it.  

And that's how I contributed to the sponsorship of the hydroplane races.


  1. I've had to buy a couple of new refrigerators lately also. I replaced the one in the house, only to have the one in garage go out soon after. I wish I could have gotten a deal like you did.

    It's great when our daughters marry guys who are handy and can help with plumbing etc.

  2. That's wonderful. I hope you like your new fridge. Good luck.

  3. congrats on something new, not that it's nice to have old things break down BUT they do...

  4. I look forward to the pictures of the new one. And yes it is so handy when there are people around to help with the mechanics. And they are also free! :-)

  5. It's always something...but great to have some in house expertise.

  6. I use a lot of ice, and I mean a lot. The fridge in this apartment does not have an ice maker so we purchased a small one that sits on the counter. Now I'm a happy camper. Like you I don't care for the water in the door feature. Will be interesting to see how Irene arranges the magnets.

  7. Lovely to be getting a new fridge. Ours is a bit tired looking but works well, and hopefully it will be a while before we have to get a new one, though I keep looking longingly at the newer models.

  8. Yae to the new fridge. I wouldn't have trusted the old one either. Besides the newer ones are more energy efficient.


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