Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The First Day.....

of a new beginning.

I'm up earlier than I want to be, but sleep alluded me.  The house is still quiet.  The day is dawning blue skied and calm.  

Yesterday Jill and Tom hired two day laborers, Hugo and Manuel, to unload the truck and load the storage unit. They were wonderful! More stuff came to the house while I was away getting a scheduled haircut.  The guys moved dressers upstairs and Tom took them to Subway for lunch.  When I got back, Jill and the kids had taken the truck over to her new school to unload the stuff that she brought from her Fort Morgan classroom.

Finally, Jill cleaned out the truck and she and Tom returned it to the local U-Haul dealer.  That done, Tom and I got ready to go off to the stadium for a soccer match.  Dinner was scrounge night.  I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is a real treat for me in my calorie counting mode.

The soccer game was not a regular season match, but a Champions League quarterfinal against a Guatemalan team.  With only 13,000 fans in the stadium we had lots of room to sprawl in our seats, put our feet up, and act up just a bit.  It was a lot of fun watching our team win 4-1, and very relaxing.

Back at the house, Jill had the kids helping unload more stuff and get all of their clothing put away.  I think they are all moved in now. The kids were in bed by 8:00, exhausted.

Oh, the kids are up already......
Now settled on the couch under a blanket watching cartoons.  Jill will be up soon and heading off for a day of math training with her new school colleagues.  Here at the house we'll do some light house cleaning, get the lawn mowed, go for a walk, and have some quiet time this afternoon.  There'll be burgers on the grill and corn on the cob for dinner.

This is the first day of our new way of life.  All is well.


  1. your first day sounds great to me! You all deserve to have a wonderful time together. I should be counting calories, too...

  2. I know you love having your family close to you and Tom! How fun for all of you! Wonderful! I'm so happy for all of you!


  3. You do know I'm living vicariously through you. I would be so ecstatic if my kids suddenly moved here close by.

    It's still absolutely mind boggling how everything is happening at such speed and efficiency. Your Jill just really knows how to get things done. I know she must be an incredible teacher, just as you were... are.

  4. Wow! I hope you get a chance to get some rest before you get all worn out again. Who would ever have thought that a PB&J would feel like a treat? :-)

  5. I got a thank-you note today from my granddaughter, for the glasses I bought her when she was visiting. She closed with "I miss you so much."

    I envy you!


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