Friday, August 5, 2011

Return to Whidbey Island

We Spent most of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week at the cabin on Whidbey Island.

As we were preparing to cross the sound on the ferry, this naval ship crossed our bow, heading for Seattle as part of the fleet gathering for SeaFair.

 The weather was great and we dined al fresco.
 Then the kids enjoyed a canoe ride in the lagoon.

 It was a lovely evening.
On Wednesday Jill went back into town for an interview and to meet up with Jake for a soccer match.  The rest of us went exploring at Fort Casey State Park.

The kids and Corey had a great time exploring all of the tunnels and installations.  Tom and I enjoyed the wide open view and the 'soft' air and light of a beautiful early August morning.

We took command of the command center.

 And then on to the Admiralty Head light house.
 A view from the light tower.

In the afternoon Tom and Corey dug a few horse clams so I could make chowder for dinner.
They attracted quite an audience of on lookers.  I showed the kids how to find the clam necks, poke them and watch them squirt.  Some were squeamish, but they loved it.

 Success!  Three were all that were needed for a pot of clam chowder.
 The kids and I lingered on the tide flats.

 Isaac and Irene spent hours tending their "store".  They enjoyed playing with the other kids they met on the beach.

 A good time was had by all.


  1. Great photos of what looks like a very enjoyable time with your family.

  2. Your pictures always capture the wonderful serene feeling of your time with the grands. And Jill is almost always eating in your pictures but remains slim as a reed! Amazing! :-)

  3. what a lovely day and a fun family time...clam chowder sounds good right now.

  4. Those clams were huge. I have never seen clams that big. Hope the chowder was a success. Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves over there.

  5. What a wonderful place to spend time with family.

  6. I have many fond memories of such times on that beach. Especially clam where else is it quite so good. Glad you had a good time and such great weather. Summer has finally arrived!

  7. the evening shots are so pretty

    I always enjoy seeing the grandkids, they're so active and fun
    love the headless in yellow sweat shirt shot :)

  8. I just love the closeness within your very handsome family--envy it a bit, actually.

  9. I wish I lived close enough you could adopt me, then I could do all the fun things your family does.

    When Susan comes next month she is taking me to the Church Mouse yarn store on Bainbridge. We get to ride the ferry. I'm really looking forward to it.

  10. Wonderful times you have with your grandchildren - and fabulous photos!

  11. I am trying to limit my computer time, but I had to stop by to tell you to please take care of yourself and get some rest. You are doing so much, but I know you're relishing all your time with that gorgeous family of yours.

  12. I love this area and I think it would be great for my health to spend some lucky you are...


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