Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Sun and Sounders

Let's see.  What have I told you and not told you about the happenings of the last 2.7 weeks?  

I think you know that Jill and the kids are living with us temporarily.  You may not know that Jill has found a house.  In the mean time, we have helped Jill set up her classroom, Tom and I have taken the kids shopping for their school supplies, Jill has put in several days training, school starts next Thursday, and tomorrow Jill will head up a crew to start moving into her rental house.  That's all.  Not much happening here, huh.

But today we took the day off to attend a 1:00 Sounders match.  Between our supporter groups we came up with tickets for Jill and the kids.  At 10:45 we headed for the light rail.

Our destination was Occidental Park, where we would meet up for the March to the Match.
We headed up the notorious Emerald City Supporters.  Irene wasn't so sure about this, but Mom was recruited to hold an end of the banner.
At the stadium, we had our hot dogs and drinks in the shade, but at match time we took our seats in the sunny stadium.  Irene was my seat mate.  Tom and Isaac were "over there", an aisle away.
Mommy Jill was "way over there" at the other end of the stadium.  Just look for the big hair.  Two people to the right is Jake.  In between is friend Tyler.
At about minute 36 Irene and I had to take a shade break, so we missed goal # 4, but it was HOT there in the north end, and we needed refreshing.

The end result was Sounders 6, Columbus Crew 2.  Whoo-hoo!  And then we hung out in the shade waiting for Jill to find us.

We took the train downtown, looking for new Crocs at Westlake Center, but struck out.  So we hopped back on the train to come home, went right to Southcenter Mall, where we scored Crocs for Irene (purple and pink) and Isaac (Sounders green), and then on to Red Robin for dinner.

This evening, after we get the kids to bed, I'll sit down and watch the match on TV, recorded, to see the parts I missed.

And then we'll all get to bed.  Tomorrow is moving day, again.


  1. It's too bad the game wasn't held at night so it would be cooler. Ah, well, y'all had a good time and that's what matters. It's so nice your family is whole in Seattle once again, hopefully permanently.

  2. I too have found it to be too hot lately, Linda. We are so used to it being, at best, "partly cloudy." And full sun that doesn't quit feels a little weird! Your pictures are getting better and better, too! I felt like I was there with you.

  3. you are certainly keeping busy as usual...i'm in iceland where it's cold and raining!

  4. Wow, I don't see rest any where in the forecast for you.

  5. Whew. You are like the energizer bunny...going and going and going.

  6. congrats to Jill on finding a house

    your grandkids are beautiful Linda

    and after a full day of fun purple crocs is a perfect treat!!

  7. I do have a lot of energy.. glad she found a house...


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