Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm checking in to let you know I'm still around.  You may have seen my face in your comments, which I try to sneak in here and there if I have some down time.

Today is all about soccer and birthdays.  We are going into town this morning to help with one of those giant banners for our last home Sounders match, Oct 15th.  Our world famous goal keeper, Kasey Keller, is retiring at the end of the season, and we are honoring him. It will be a very big event.  I hope to have pictures.

Tuesday is Tom's birthday, along with his twin sister Jan.  They are turning 70!!.  Due to busy schedules for both, we are celebrating today.  But there is also an away Sounders match today at 4:30, which most of us want to watch.  So Jake and Jill and the kids and Jan and her partner Ann, who lands at the airport about 3:30, will all converge on our house to watch the game and eat snacks.  After the game is over we'll go to a local restaurant for dinner.

Thursday evening we met at a house in Ballard to sew the big banner together.  My serger was the star, and I'm the 'official' supporter group seamstress.  Yesterday Tom and I spent five hours each making 'two pole sleeves', which are single person banners held up by two poles.  They will be painted with messages later. That was after we went to our usual Friday morning breakfast club, I balanced the accounts, paid the bills and went grocery shopping.  Tom cleaned bathrooms, and together we got four loads of laundry done.

I'm glad the new fall TV shows have begun.  We are back into our favorites, and have picked up a few new ones.  And it's getting dark by 7:00 now, so that all means I get to sit and rest in the evenings. Hurrah!

It's time to get rolling.  Lots to do.


  1. It's getting dark around 7 pm here in Hawaii, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM AND JAN!!! Enjoy the day. Sounds like fun.

  2. Happy B'day to the twins. Is Modern Family among your TV viewing? I find it to be quite humorous. Each cast member has been building their own humor for 3 years. I enjoy it.
    Hope your banners are perfect and the teams are victorious!

  3. Happy birthday to the twins! My hubby will be 70 in February, and we're getting ready to do something really special. Sounds perfect for you guys to watch soccer and eat! :-)

  4. we are visiting fmaily in santa fe...and enjoying the time together...

  5. Happy birthday Tom & Jan. Linda, we miss you. You are a busy grandma these days. Remember we like to hear about all your adventures and see your pictures. Or is it the Sounders that is keeping you so busy?

  6. My, you certainly live a busy life Linda. I hope the winter gives you a chance to slow down and take it easy a bit. Happy 70th to Tom and his sister. - Dave

  7. I can't imagine how much busier your life could get, but with the grand kids near by now it must have done.

  8. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan! Believe me, I know what it's like to be busy with the grandchildren. I'm busy right now and I have only one. It seems like every day is packed like crazy! Our daughter is trying to make use of all our time and friends have also scheduled things so it's rather hectic. I guess that will be my life for this month until we return to Hawaii and things quiet down.


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