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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Marine Hills Garden

The garden of George Shriver and Omar Watson, in Marine Hills, Federal Way, WA, was absolutely stunning on a cloudless blue sky day. 

In the Open Gardens book the gardeners write, "The street-side garden cleverly and demurely compliments the gardens adjacent to it."
I'm not sure "demure" is how I would describe this explosion of color and texture. 

There is a glimpse of the Sound far below.

The red Crocosmia 'Lucifer' blooms were at their peak. 

The side yard.

Great color combination!

"It's when you enter the back yard through the periwinkle blue gate that you are astonished by the inventive use of colors and textures through screens, arbors, pottery, sculptures, a bottle tree, and benches. The waterfall and fountains emit a sense of tranquility and the sloping borders surrounding the pool add privacy. "

Go through the arbor and up the slope to find the viewing bench. 

Up on the slope, plant screens offer peek-a-boo views. 

Descending on the other side of the garden, a huge gunnera grows in the semi-shade of the house. 

I loved the door knob sculpture. 
Back to the front, it's a hard place to leave. 

We visited this garden on July 14th, the same day as Peter's garden, as part of the NPA Tour for that weekend. There is one more garden to come. 


  1. Another delightful garden with prolific pictures. Thanks! :-)

  2. Such a beautiful display of color. I just loved seeing these photos.

  3. Gracious, do these people ever stop to enjoy the fruits of their labor? How do they get over into all that growth to work? How can they tell what’s overgrown and what’s being crowded out?

  4. This is probably my favorite. Your "explosion of color and texture" perfectly describes it.

  5. Very clever how they use leaf colors to add color along with the blooms.

  6. This was such a beautiful garden! I love all the flowers and the touches of color. I spent that morning touring the gig Harbor gardens and got to Peter's in the afternoon. I'll eventually get around to posting about them, maybe in the winter when it's wet and blustery outside and we need the memory of summer.

  7. You're right. That garden is amazing but demure it's not.

  8. I love all the color in George and Omar's garden. The paths up the hill made it seem like an adventure and the varying levels made the garden seem larger than it is.

  9. I would love to see Exuberant as seen by the person who called this demure. ha.. What a spectacular garden.


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