Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Let's Face It, Peter Has More Fun

Last year I showed you Peter's garden. In fact there was so much to show that I split it up into three posts,  herehere,  and here

Peter opened his garden again this year for the NPA tour and of course, we had to go. As I explained before, I met Peter in my garden, when we were open on an NPA tour, and in talking we discovered that we were both bloggers. Now we see each other often in other people's gardens. Peter is a garden blogger. His blog is fun to follow even if you are not into plants. In fact Peter is just FUN! And his garden shows it. 

Let's face it, Peter has more fun in his garden than anyone else I know. 

Well, the greeter is faceless, but there will be plenty more. 
 It was hot enough to fry eggs, but this poppy loved it. 

 Entering the jungle at the side of the house , surprises await everywhere. 

 Peter never met a Schefflera he didn't love, and buy. 

 You are being watched.

 The "fire" pit, with marshmallows.

My husband Tom and Peter's husband Tom discussed the on-going project that is the historic 1890's house. 

 Peter bought the metal pod sculpture that I forgot to go back and get at Sorticulture. 

 It's the sea garden, or the C garden. 

 Bamboo turned brown? Paint it red. 

 Looks soft? Not. Concrete pillows.

 Begonias and carnivorous plants. 

 The greenhouse.

 Hammer head. 

 There aren't really dead people here. Just samples and rejects from the headstone dealer at the nearby cemetery. 

 Dinosaur hatching. 

 Table service. 
 A wayward blossom found a perfect nest. Serendipity in the garden. 

 The "hand rails" are accessorized this year. 

 That's Peter. 
 A bird in the hand,

 Two in the bush. 
 Cookies and house history. 

 Time to leave, out the blue door. 
Into the sidewalk jungle. 
 Goodbye for now. 
I'm sure we'll be back. I couldn't possibly show everything. I couldn't begin to even see it all. There is just so much to see and appreciate and wonder at. And laugh about. 

Thank you, Peter. 


  1. Good grief, how big is that garden. Has to be bigger than a city lot. Beautiful to say the least. It is indeed a fun garden.

    1. It's actually just a standard city lot in old Tacoma, although it is a corner lot.

  2. Oh, you did such a great job capturing Peter's garden. He does have more fun, and he is just too clever. I never take enough pictures when I'm there to really do the garden justice, I'm always too busy chatting with him and catching up.

  3. Lots of interesting sculpture in this garden. He has a great artistic flair in arranging things in this garden. Lots of color from both plants and sculpture.

  4. I have even more fun when you visit my garden; it's always a delight to see you! I think you found all the faces. Thanks for visiting and for the nice post that skipped all the bad areas.

  5. What a whimsical garden. Thanks to him for sharing it and you for all the pictures.

  6. Beauty and whimsy make a good combination. I can definitely get the sense of being watched throughout this tour.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Peter's garden through your eyes. Such a charming place.

  8. So many faces in this garden! I am overwhelmed with it all. It would indeed be fun to wander through the population in the garden. So many of them made me smile. :-)

  9. What marvelous fun! SO many creative ideas, super use of unusual items. Thank you for this tour!!!

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  11. Wow, what an entertaining garden. The greeter has no head but the garden if full of heads peeking. The hands and the head at the bottom of the water feature were so clever. What a creative man.

  12. What an incredible garden! It is obviously a labour of love. I particularly like all the seating areas because I can imagine stopping and taking in everything around it. I can't imagine doing the work to keep the garden up though!


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