Friday, October 1, 2021



October flowers. Truthfully I picked them late yesterday afternoon, Sept. 30, when the rain finally stopped. They were all bent over with rain and I was rescuing them.

Today, October 1, has cleared off to be a mostly sunny day. We started the day with breakfast with friends, as usual on Fridays, and it was also the beginning of Tom's 80th birthday pageant. We brought treats - chocolate eclairs, Tom's not-cake choice. They were a hit.

We have two left over, for dessert tonight. :-)

Yesterday I got some appointments made so we can get our medical ducks in a row finally. I have to wait a month for my podiatrist appointment, but at least I finally got my referral renewal so I could make an appointment. I also got appointments for our flu shots for next week and the Covid boosters for the week after. We wanted to wait until after this weekend, in case there are reactions, since we have more celebrating to do. 

After breakfast we went for our walk in the neighborhood, since the weather was good. It was fun to see kids on the school playground running outside with their jackets tied around their waists. While it's only 57, it's plenty warm if you are active. I shed my extra layer about then too. 

When we got back from our walk we had to check to see if the grass is growing. 

It is! At least the part Tom planted first.
He is quite pleased, and was even picking fallen leaves off the new sprouts to let them stand up straight and not be smothered. Not sure how long that will last, since falling leaves are beginning to happen.

The sunflowers are all falling over too

and the flower garden is sagging, but I did manage to find a few flowers for my table bouquet. 

Happy October! I think maybe I'll do some decorating today. I do love pumpkins!


  1. What a lovely post! Anytime you show your garden is a highlight for me. Glad the weather is nice today. My Seattle daughter is now home after her very difficult labor and Caesarian birth of my newest little grandson, Little Guy. I was ready to fly up to help but she seemed in good shape and her husband is super helpful. I appreciate your blog posts because I get to "see" what the weather is like up there. And no matter what or when, you always manage to show the beauty around you.

  2. The Dahlias are gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday week to Tom. You're wise to wait until after the celebrating to get any jabs.

  3. congrats on green grass growing and sunshine. We are now 52 in am and 81 in the hottest part of the day...fall is here!

  4. You are an inspiration. I went out and cut some seed heads for indoor arrangements. The artichokes were particularly nice this year. Next I ordered some of the beautiful new weird-looking squashes and pumpkins to be delivered. I got out the dried red chiles and those small colored dried corns for the mantle. Welcome to fall.

  5. Happy October! Your flowers are lovely.

    Happy Birthday to Tom.

  6. We have some different things to do in October as we prepare things for winter.

  7. Beautiful flowers! Happy Birthday to your husband too. I got my 3rd jab Tuesday. My arm didn't hurt until hours later, and the side effects arrived 24 hours after that--a hefty headache and chills. I went to bed early and woke up fine the next day. I didn't have any reaction to #1, a slight headache to #2, so this was a surprise, especially since it was delayed by a day. Best of luck with your booster, if we're supposed to call it that! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Tom! Your bouquet is beautiful and perfect Fall colors too! I am scheduling things also...the 14th for our Flu shots...I will wait til November for my Covid booster...:)

  9. Happy birthday pageant for Tom! I'm not far behind him, just one year to go. I got both flu and booster shots during September and feel pretty good now. Not much discomfort from either shot. :-)

  10. Hope Tom's Birthday pageant is fun and all he wants.
    That flower arrangement is stunning. You really have a talent.

  11. Happy Birthday, Tom! And Happy Fall too. That eclair looks totally wonderful. Yay for the growing grass! You have the most beautiful yard and garden.

  12. Beautiful flowers, the colours are so bright. Happy Birthday to Tom! I hope the grass will keep growing!


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