Monday, October 18, 2021

Autumn Leaves

 The Autumn leaves drift by my window,

the Autumn leaves of red and gold.

Why are Autumn songs always about lost love? My Autumn song, in pictures, is about finding JOY.

We have been to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden many times, but always in Spring time, when the flowers are blooming. When I saw a notice about the garden hosting a free admission Fall Foliage Festival, I put it on the calendar.

We worked hard in the garden on Friday and Saturday and needed a day off. We decided we would go, rain or shine. It didn't rain and it didn't shine, so it was perfect for taking photos. 

Late Sunday morning, after sleeping in and after I got all of my PT done, while Tom had plenty of time to drink coffee and read his electronic news, we drove south to Federal Way, only about a 20 minute drive.

The Autumn glory started in the parking lot.

The garden is on the grounds of the now abandoned Weyerhaeuser headquarters campus. Too beautiful to be broken up and developed, it is in limbo as preservationists battle developers.  

There were people at the plant sale when we arrived.
We took the path into the garden.

I'm pretty sure it's a giant magnolia leaf. I'm sure it's gigantic. 
Pathways beckon us farther into the wooded garden.  
I think this is some kind of a Schefflera. Peter would know. 

With no end to the path choices, my hip told me to use some discretion, please. 

These most brightly colored trees are Amelanchier, or Service Berry. 
A camellia in bloom. Pink goes with orange on the autumnal pallet.  
In the foreground, the seed head of a giant Himalayan lily. 
At the pond

A fern tree at the entrance of the stumpery, now overflowing with all kinds of ferns and shade loving plants. 

Back on a pathway, these glowing green May Apples obviously escaped the searing sun that burnt ours. 
And then there is this spot. Yes, this is one of several benches where I paused to refresh. 

Pink blooming in spring, in fall these azaleas glow with pink foliage.  
Ahead is the gazebo, through this alley of Yaku Rhodies. We remember when they were only knee high.

The Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection is also here. More Joy to come. 


  1. Very, very beautiful. I enjoyed this walk with you very much. :-)

  2. Lots of nice reds and pinks; our fall foliage is predominately yellow. This was a very enjoyable post. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful fall foliage. It's the perfect time to see it now before wind and rain do their worst. Glad you got to go and managed to do all that walking.

  4. Looking at your gorgeous photos, I can almost feel the cool breeze. Thank you for sharing these photos, Linda.

  5. Oh my what splendid colors. I fear we won't have much color here. The trees that are normally red here are more brown than red. Thanks for letting me see some color.
    That was one massive leaf Tom had.

  6. Glorioua! And really nice pictures, thanks!

  7. As always, you give great tours.

  8. wow, what a variety of colors and plants...enjoyed the tour!

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along.

  10. You got some exercise and got to see some beautiful foliage. Love that huge magnolia leaf!

  11. Here we don’t have these colours yet, it is just starting. I love the big magnolia leaf, never seen such a huge leaf!


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