Tuesday, October 12, 2021


I'm cold. I can't get used to it being so much colder already. No, it's not freezing. The high today is 49 this afternoon, and now the rain is moving it.  

We are used to some warm Indian Summer days in late September and October, but not this year. Summer ended much too abruptly.

We got our COVID booster shots this morning. I had to wear a short sleeved Tee shirt and even under two layers of fleece I was cold. I will now be living in long sleeved Tees most likely until June. 

My hip hurts. I developed tendonitis, probably surgery related, and the exercises I'm supposed to do to stretch it seem to be making it worse. I guess time will tell. 

Is that enough complaining? Probably. 

I'm roasting a Delicata squash for dinner tonight. It's now the season for oven roasted vegetables, that's a good thing, and the oven will add welcome heat to the house. 

I picked some new flowers yesterday. The pickings are getting slimmer now, and if we get a frost all will be gone. 

I have been trying out some more quilt patches now that I finally have that one done that I spent forever on.

I decided I needed to learn a little more about being more efficient at this so I have looked at some online tutorials as well as looking for more designs. Then I dug through my scrap boxes to see what combinations I could come up with.

I'll have some fun with these. I have no idea what I will do with all of the quilt blocks when I have a bunch. Right now I'm just having fun putting colors and shapes together.  

Out in the garage Tom has been working on his Bonsai trees. He has declared this one finished after painstakingly trimming all of the needles and rewiring it to reshape it. 

Outside his Trident Maple Bonsai is coloring up, a beautiful spot on the bonsai bench. 

Since I was outside I decided I needed to move around a bit more so I went to see what's happening before the rain comes back.

This little falling over sunflower that seeded itself in the rose bed just keeps on going. 
We moved this rose last winter and then couldn't find it
 until it announced itself with a lovely bloom in late summer. Now it just keeps carrying on. 

Tom's Brugmansia finally rebloomed after an initial blooming in the spring. He thinks he may be feeding it too much so all it did was grow and not bloom. It least it made it before the frost. 

Hosta turn golden before they collapse. 
Sedums are great fall bloomers. 
Tom's ongoing project is spading up the raised beds. He hasn't re-dug then for several years and it seems they are filling up with tree roots from the neighbor's trees. It is not a fun job to dig them all out. 
Hydrangea Pinky Winky is pinky.
It looked like this Japanese maple was coloring up, but on closer look, it's the seed pods that are all going  red. 

Green tomatoes, anyone? It got too cold too fast for them too. 

We've had a good crop but I hate to leave so many on the vine. 

I've tried fried green tomatoes, but they just aren't that great. 

Tomatoes don't like cold either. 


  1. Yes, it's cold, windy and rainy here this afternoon. We did have a nice morning, but it looks like it won't be until Monday before we're out of the rain. I like your quilt, and I do hope you will be able to get that tendon problem under control. If it's not one thing, it's another as we age, it seems. Nice to have company along the journey. :-)

  2. I pick all my green tomatoes and bring them in the house and they ripen. They are not great quality but are edible.

  3. I know they have heated vests and jackets now a days, perhaps you need one. Socks on my feet always make me feel warmer! You have lots of pretty Fall flowers!

  4. Yep, that is cold. We are still in the high 70s here. Perfect. That bonsai of Tom's is really impressive. At least you still have lots of color. Love that persistent rose.

  5. I hate to be cold. After my Moderna booster a week ago tonight, I was freezing. That night I slept in long sleeved pj top under my usual blankets and a weighted blanket. I had a fever for three days, but I was chilled most of the time. It also made my hip hurt more. I was grouchy and out of sorts. Thankfully, it only lasted for three days. Now, I’m back to normal. I did try to walk and stay busy through most of it thinking it would make me feel better. I hope you feel better soon. At least we are now fully vaccinated.

  6. We also are cold here and as they are going to change the boiler tomorrow we won’t have any heater for two days and cold water only!
    I like Tom’s bonzais , mine all died they have been cold.
    I hope your hip will be better. After the surgery my back is still painful sometimes and I can’t do what I was doing before.

  7. You have amazing beautiful flowers and trees to still bring joy into the colder days. I also find that cold and damp weather makes my aches and pains worse. It's nice that you have the quilt project - it'll be fun to see it materialize!

  8. So sorry to hear about the cold weather. I hope your hip improves. Pain is never a good thing. Love that banzai tree that Tom is working on.

  9. wow what a colorful garden. We had rain and cold temps. snow up north but not here. We used to pick our green tomatoes and wrap them in newspapers and they would ripen inside during the winter...We turned our AC off and our Furnace on today and added blankets to the bed, slippers and layers to our daily clothing. IT's always a shock that first day that feels like winter and you wonder where fall went to...

  10. I love the multi-colored rose and the bonsai tree. You have so many beautiful plants! My flowerbeds are stark this year. I loved my new heat pump in the summer for the cooling, but it's slow to heat when I need it and my house doesn't feel as warm. Or perhaps I'm just not acclimated to this colder weather?

  11. Usually our September and Octobers in Hawaii are terribly hot and humid, this year has been very pleasant with occasional days of coolness, a bit of light rain, and just regular humidity which is nice. This might forebode a cold winter for us here - and it is fun to see people wearing boots. This past winter was so mild that I only took out a long sleeve tshirt and didn't need any jacket at all. No boots, no fun!

    I love bonsai plants and have always admired them. Tom's plants are outstanding. His dedication and caring for them is a testament to his green thumb and artistic leanings.

  12. Tom's bonsai Maple is lovely!! So is that yellow Rose touched with red.
    Except for when I'm too warm I'm always cold. I wear socks 10 months of the year and always have a cardigan handy. You have my sympathy ( or would it be empathy?)

  13. Tom could teach a class on bonsai. The shaping of the pine is gorgeous. I love seeing the fall color on the maple bonsai too. We haven’t gone for our boosters yet. We’re waiting for next month hoping it will keep its efficacy stronger for May when we have a trip planned. Fingers crossed.

  14. It is still so pretty around your yard. Don't blame you for complaining a little. I'm just not ready for cold weather yet.


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