Sunday, October 24, 2021

Kubota Garden, Part 2

 It's stormy here on this Sunday morning and leaves are flying off trees at the same time as others are just coloring up. It's a pretty mess that we can wait to clean up.

Meanwhile we can remember that sunny day last Tuesday when we spent some time in Kubota Garden, surrounded by the glow of autumnal beauty. 

This is a more recently developed area with a more naturalized large pond. 

We were winding down our visit and working our way slowly to the exit. We stopped for Tom to take a photo of me on this bench. A lady stopped and asked if we would like her to take a photo of both of us. She was from California, visiting her daughter, who had told her about this garden. She was just beginning her exploration but was thrilled by what she was discovering. I think all visitors feel that way here. 
Yew tree berries. 

Inside the gate. This visit is over, but the memories linger and will compel me to visit every October as long as I can. 


  1. Gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it through your eyes and will look forward to next year, too.

  2. Just beautiful colors. How nice of the lady to take a picture of you and Tom. Curious about the yew tree berries and surprised the flesh is safe and sweet but the seed is deadly poison. Don't think I'd try.
    Heard about that storm hitting your area. Stay safe and full powered.

  3. Colorful with a lot of different shapes.

  4. So beautiful! I'm glad you were able to get there with decent weather and before the big blow. We are still waiting for the major windstorm we were expecting here. Just a breeze so far. :-)

  5. wow, gorgeous colors, breath taking-thanks for sharing

  6. Stunning! The colors are beautiful and the paths beckon.

  7. Beautiful ! Thank you for helping us remember falls colors!

  8. The colours are beautiful.
    It’s a nice picture of both of you with beautiful trees behind.
    We also had a big storm during two days and many branches and leaves were on the ground. It was very scary!


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