Saturday, October 2, 2021

Enjoying Autumn

 Tom had nothing planned for his birthday pageant weekend today. His birthday is actually Monday. We will be celebrating with his twin sister Jan and our family on Sunday morning, with brunch at a famous Seattle waterfront restaurant. In the evening we will be going to a Sounders match at the stadium.

I had a zoom meeting Saturday morning, meeting up with some high school classmates to help beginning the planning for our 60th reunion for next summer. These are people I hadn't seen for ten years, since our last reunion. It was fun to be a part of the early planning. 

Then of course I had my long session of physical therapy exercises. 

Tom didn't have any plans for the day and was feeling tired and achy. I decided we needed a gentle bit of fun away from the house and any work that might be staring us in the face.

I chose to have us go to Carpinito's produce market down in the Kent valley.  We could shop for fun produce and I knew there would be good photo ops. 

We bought some colorful gourds. 

We bought a stalk of brussels sprouts. When I cut them off the huge stalk it made quite a bag full. I guess we'll be eating brussels sprouts every other day for a while. :-)

So much pretty produce. 

Beets and beet greens are a favorite. A big bunch came home with us. 

We bought a Delicata squash and three Danish squash. 

We also bought three nice chrysanthemum plants, 3 for $15, to go on the front porch.

After we had looked at everything and then checked out, we loaded up our purchases and drove over to The Old Fishing Hole by the River Bend Golf Course for a pleasant stroll around the pond and along the river. 

As you can see, it was a beautiful day, and the recent rains have made the grass green again, while the trees are beginning to go golden. 

The totem pole is new since were were here last. It's very impressive but the light wasn't right for a good photo.
The bottom figure is of a human, representing the carver with his tools. 
The Green River was calm and a pretty blue.

Calm and easy can describe our little outing. It was just right, and when we got home we settled into some quiet time. It was all lovely. 


  1. A break from chores is always good. That looked like a lovely place for a quiet walk and the totem pole was very impressive.

  2. We have to get out and away from things. Then when we come back we have renewed energy. I high school 64 years ago. Time passes very quickly. My kids finished high school 29 and 31 years ago. That really blows my mind.

  3. What an incredible market - such beautiful produce. The Old Fishing Hole area looks to be a perfect place for a walk.

    Hope Tom is feeling better.

  4. That looks like a wonderful market. I wonder if my boyfriend knows of it. He lives in Federal Way and worked for many years at the Boeing plant in Kent. (that no longer exists)

  5. I wish I could go to this market with you!
    Pumpkins everywhere and vegetables!
    Nice totem and nice peaceful walk.

  6. That is a wonderful market. We have some around here that are almost as wonderful. But not quite. Love all the pictures, and another happy birthday wish to Tom! :-)

  7. I hope your brunch was delicious. Great pictures of all the wonderful colourful pumpkins, gourds and other produce.

  8. Happy Birthday, Tom! Aloha from Hawaii.

  9. Interesting totem! So today is Tom's day ...Happy Birthday! The produce looks great!

  10. Seattle must have the most beautiful vegetables and flowers in the whole country!


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