Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Stormy Weather


Our place is a pretty mess these days. Eventually there will be a lot of cleaning up to do. But for now the rain is still falling and the wind is still blowing, though not as hard, and the leaves and needles are still falling.

Our weather this Tuesday is a stark contrast to last Tuesday, when we spent that lovely day in Kubota Garden.

We did have some decent weather for a few days, and we got all of the tulip and daffodil bulbs planted in the beds we had hurried to get cleaned out before. 

I took some "clean photos" of parts of the garden then. 

The Japanese Maple, Korean Dogwood,  and native Vine Maple in the back yard were beginning to color up. 

Cedar needles were creating a carpet on the garden path. 

Tom's lovely bonsai suddenly dropped its leaves. 
His little grove will be next. 
Beauty Berry leaves will highlight the purple berries until they drop. 
Fir needles had been falling for a while.
By the time the storm hit this weekend, the Fern Leaf Full Moon Maple in the front yard was coming into it's prime, with shades of red and orange and gold layering over green. 

By then there was a glow right outside the bedroom window to greet us every morning, even as the sun had disappeared. 
The tree reflects in the mirror on the wall. 

It was called a Bomb Cyclone, that storm that formed in the south Pacific. When it reached our west coast, California got the brunt of it. Out on our Washington coast we have yet to see what kind of erosion was done. Here in Puget Sound country, wind gusts were varied. While we have branches down and the lights flickered, we have no downed trees and no power outage, but other neighborhoods are not so lucky. 

What we do have is lots of cleaning up to do. It's a mess, but a pretty mess. 

Charlie/Mewdini keeps checking in. 
These photos were taken from the bedroom window this morning. 

The color on the Fern Leaf Full Moon Maple has deepened. 
Leaves drop even as others color up. 

In the back yard, more color, and it will be a while before the lawn gets cleaned up. 

Mushrooms pop up. 

Seasonal table coverings. 

The power was interrupted just now enough that I had to wait for the internet to be restored. Time to sign off before that happens again.
All is well here at the Reeder Homestead. 


  1. There's a lot of lovely Fall colour in your yard and it will possibly be gone with the wind by the time this system moves on. Right now the wind is throwing the rain against the house. Even if it's cozy in here just the sound of it makes me chilly.

  2. Seasonal table coverings made me laugh. Beautiful vibrant color. I love to look at it!

  3. Although many of the leaves are off the trees, there are still plenty to make your beautiful place look like a fairyland. Beautiful! Thanks for all the great pictures. :-)

  4. Glad you are okay there! We have winds here and the rain is supposed to come tomorrow. Your Japanese Maple sure is pretty!

  5. You don't really need a mess like this to clean up. The storm covered a wide area. My son in the Vancouver area has too much of everything as well.

  6. We also had a big storm and lost of branches on the ground, but we have been lucky with the trees and roof.
    My bulbs are on their way from the Netherlands, just on time to be planted!

  7. On my walks I look at the dark ground covered with pine needles and various colorful leaves and think it would make a lovely printed fabric for a dress or something festive.

  8. Happy to hear that you were spared the worst of the storm. My goodness that is a lot of fallen needles. I don't envy you the clean-up but your gardens and yard are simply beautiful.

  9. Oh my there certainly is a lot of clean up. I was wondering just how bad it would hit your area and it seems you were spared the worst of it. Was shocked at Tom's suddenly naked bonsai. Sure don't envy you the clean up but glad you didn't lose limbs and power.

  10. We heard about that storm on the news. Glad you didn't have any trees fall. You do have a mess of needles to clean up. But, everything there is still just beautiful. The colored leaves and plants and those colored leaves on the needles on the ground make such a pretty picture. I would like to have a poster size picture of that for my big old wooden frame on the front porch. Wouldn't that be pretty for fall??

  11. Love that tree outside the window, but OH, those needles! I'm sure my yard will be full of leaves when I return.

  12. Your garden rivals the Kubota garden. Beautiful and enjoyable.

  13. how beautiful the colors and variety-truly an autumn feast for the eyes...


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