Saturday, October 30, 2021

Happy HalloweenI

 I mentioned in my last post that I was going to carve my pumpkin.

I did. I even roasted the seeds.

Because we live on a street with no sidewalks, and we have a 150 ft. driveway, we don't get any trick-or-treaters any more. When our kids were young and we knew other kids in the neighborhood, we would line the driveway with luminarias and get kids we knew. That was fun.

Then when we had grand kids, we would carve pumpkins together and take treats to them on Halloween. Now Isaac is away at college and Irene might do something with friends, but tricks and treats are over. I didn't even buy candy this year.

But I did buy a pumpkin, just for me. I still like to have fun.

I'll light our Jack-o-lantern just for us on Halloween evening. 

During the day we have another activity. Some of you remember our family cider bees. We didn't go last year, even though there was one, because it was before vaccinations. This year it is being held on Halloween and we will be there. I spent time today preparing food to take: a Raw Apple Cake and a macaroni salad. 

It's colder today but the sun is shining. The trees outside my home office window are glowing. 

I am looking forward to a fun Halloween. I hope you are too.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Have fun at Halloween. We still get a few kids.

  2. Linda, you did a great job carving that pumpkin! That is the best cat jack-o-lantern I've seen! Our kids and grandkids are all grown too so we don't celebrate Halloween anymore. I remember your cider bees! Have fun tomorrow!

  3. Nice pumpkin! Have a great cider get together!

  4. At least you are going somewhere. We live down a long dark road as do all our neighbors, so unless we Go somewhere to a party,and since hubby hates parties, we would never do that. But I do like looking at decorations in our tiny town.

  5. Kind of miss your family competition carvings but you did a great job. Loved the whiskers.

  6. Your pumpkin is very cat-like. Did Meowi help with it?

    Enjoy your Halloween!

  7. I love your pretty pump-cat! Adorable and thanks for sharing it with me. :-)

  8. How nice that you had a sunny day for your cider bee.
    I like your Jack-O-Lantern!

  9. we had a quiet sunny warm halloween at home and that's the way we like it. No carning pumpkins but do have several by the door. Happy November my favorite month.

  10. Happy Halloween! It all looks so good.

  11. Ahhh... I remember making apple cake too... but that was such a long time ago. We had fun roasting pumpkin seeds when the kids were little too. Gosh! That brings back memories. We didn't buy any candy this year either.

  12. Oh my gosh, the wheat sheaf bowl (I Think that's what that pattern is called?). I must dig through my mom's stash when we can finally travel and go visit. We roasted pumpkin seeds too this year but at apparently too high a heat and mostly we popped them :)


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