Friday, October 15, 2021

Time To Get Busy

 The tulip bulb order arrived yesterday. 

It's time to get busy cleaning out the beds and tidying up the edges and then get all of those bulbs planted. We continue to be annoyed by rain showers, but it is a bit warmer. 
Yesterday I spent a lot of time picking up yard art and storing it in the shed. Tom's watering can collection has been collected and stored on the patio, which I had to clean off first. The cedar tree is beginning to drop its last year's growth, something coniferous trees do. There are needles everywhere. 

Tom has moved all of the "desert" plants off the patio. Some are stored in the greenhouse and some are in shelter under outside cover. 

Some will move into the greenhouse later to be protected from the cold. Others just need to be protected from the rain. 
The shed is filling up with outdoor furniture and yard art as well as the usual gardening stuff. 

Geranium pots have been collected from around the yard. Cuttings were taken a while back and are growing in the greenhouse. Some of these mature plants will be carried over and some will be tossed. Kinda' depends on when Tom runs out of room in his greenhouse. 

Mushrooms are popping up now that the rains have come.
We got our Covid booster shots on Tuesday. I was fine, just a bit of gastric distress, but Tom felt tired and achy for a couple of days. 

But then when you're old, feeling tired and achy is normal.

My morning has been taken up with Friday breakfast and then a big shopping trip at the local Safeway. I sat down to post this as a way to rest. Now it's time for a late lunch and then some time working outside.

 It's time to get busy. Fall clean up is a big job. 

There are grocery store flowers on the table now. 


  1. Fall is work time, your tulips will be beautiful in the spring:)

  2. I got my third covid shot yesterday. Maybe that's why I feel so crappy and achy today.

  3. Have fun getting all your Tulips planted!!

  4. I’m impressed with how healthy and strong your geranium cuttings look. You guys work so hard! Thank you for sharing all that beauty with us.

  5. Goodness, almost as much work shutting down as it is starting up. You two really have it down to a science though. Sorry the booster gave you a bit of a kick. I should get mine soon.

  6. There is a lot work to be done in the fall. You and Tom have so many beautiful things to store away. I had just finished making my faLL to do list when I broke my wrist. I love the orange arrangement on your table.

  7. That is quite the collection of watering cans! You would certainly never run out of an option for carrying water.

    There is something sad about shutting down the garden for the winter, but your greenhouse keeps it going all year long. I'm trying to overwinter geraniums for the first time, simply storing the plants in a dry, cool place for the winter.

    Take care, stay well.

  8. Our rain stopped early this morning, and I was able to get a couple of trips around Lake Padden, but it was sure windy! Now that has settled down and things look pretty nice outside for now. More rain to come tonight.

  9. Cold and rain preparations, brrr! I will be there for a couple of days in November and experience it for myself.

  10. wow what a fun place to garden but lots of work I'm sure!

  11. Your little shed is chock full of garden equipment. Ever since we hired a yardman, we have been downsizing. Love your flowers on the table.

  12. I have not received my bulbs yet, they told me at the end of October, I hope they will arrive soon.


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