Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sun and Rain, October Again

 This morning as we were getting going the sun escaped the clouds and lit everything up, including this glass pumpkin sitting on an end table by the south window. 

We got our decorating done yesterday. 

Gourds fill the hand turned wooden bowl that our friend Kent made and gave to me at our lunch last week.

The mantel and hearth, looking much as they do every year.

Old dime store cutouts hang here and there. 

More flowers rescued from the rain. We went to Costco this morning. It wasn't senior hours and dodging carts was exhausting. Then I had to go to Safeway and the sun had given way to more rain. I asked Tom to go pick flowers while I shopped, then I arranged them when I got back. Each time I think this might be the last bouquet from the garden.

We got our flu shots yesterday, and then we puttered a bit. Tom got the chrysanthemums planted in the refreshed pots on the front porch. They looked pretty through the window this morning. 

 Geraniums linger in some pots and the fall blooming cyclamen are looking very pretty.

Tom got the Autumn wreath out of the attic and I hung it up. 

Now I think I need a pumpkin. Nobody ever comes here for Halloween anymore, but I do love big bright orange pumpkins. 

Yesterday evening we went to Irene's soccer game at the high school. She is now captain of the JV team. It was cold but the rain we had all day had let up, so it was OK, and they won their match.  The other team was short on players so they played a shorter field and seven a side. 

And now I have frittered away much of the afternoon. I think I'd better get up and move some more. The stationary bike in the garage is telling me to get with it.

See you later. 


  1. Got my flu shot yesterday too. Now when I see your seasonal decorations I always wonder what your classroom looked like at these times? Little kids liked the special days.

  2. So nice to see your fall decorations. Lovely as always.

  3. You really do decorating right. Love that glass pumpkin and the Autumn wreath. Congrats to Irene on the win and Captain status.

  4. great decor, can tell you taught school. love your flowers, we actually got rain and some clouds today-amazing!

  5. You have wonderful decorations! I put out a few but not many.

  6. I LOVE your fall decorating. That first picture with the sun shining on the pumpkin is just so pretty, and I love your vase of flowers. All the Halloween cutouts are so neat and you place them in just the right spots. I can't seem to get started on any kind of decorating yet.

  7. I'm looking at the geraniums with their wonderful foliage. I simply must use more fertilizer next year ( I assume that is the reason yours are so gorgeous). I like all your glass pumpkins. They're so pretty.

  8. Nice decorations! I enjoyed seeing them;0

  9. The fall decorations are so pretty, especially the glass items. Your bouquet is lovely, and such a treat.

  10. We got the Fluad Quad senior dose this past week also from CVS. The next thing will be the Pfizer booster. You have the most awesome holiday decorations ever, Linda.


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