Thursday, October 28, 2021

Some Good, Some Not So Good, But All Is Well

 We are experiencing an "atmospheric river" today. It's WET!

Yesterday, with a dry day, we got a start on our clean up. 

I raked the gravel driveway of debris and topped off our yard waste bins.

Tom took the blower to the asphalt and the front steps and walk. All the that debris went into the surrounding beds.

There will be lots more pretty leaves to fall.

Then I raked the patio and Tom hauled all the the cedar debris down to the path to add a new layer. When the piles of cedar were removed I took the blower to the patio. No more table coverings. 

There's still plenty more to do.
In the afternoon we got new glass installed in our patio door. This was a long time happening, but Tom finally made the right connections to get the cloudy glass replaced under warranty. 

Monday I spent an unpleasant 1.5 hours in the dentist chair having one molar filled and another prepared for a crown, which involved removing an old filling. I was uncomfortable when I arrived back home, and was then greeted with the news that our washing machine wouldn't spin. Tom had wrung out the white clothes by hand and finally got them dried. We spent several hours looking at how we might DIY a repair, but finally had to abandon that idea. We also discovered that chat line help wants your credit card number, and we weren't playing that game either. Since our machine was already 22 years old, we went shopping on line for a new one, found one we liked at Home Depot, went in person to purchase it, and it will be delivered next Monday. 

Meanwhile my temporary crown popped off and I was back at the dentist to have it replaced. That was easy though, and now all is good. 

The rain is still falling. My morning has been filled with Physical Therapy and in person grocery shopping. Now it's past my lunch time. I always enjoy my lunch hour, that's when I read the paper.

And after lunch, I'm going to carve my pumpkin. Nobody comes here for Halloween anymore, so I just make my own fun.  


  1. Sorry to hear about your dental troubles, but hopefully that will soon be behind you. Everything looks so lovely in your wonderful backyard. I love seeing it, always. And good that you have a new washer coming soon! :-)

  2. Sometimes fall cleanup can get out of hand. I have to put all my yard waste into the green cart to be taken to the land fill for composting.

  3. Ouuuch with your crown! I’m glad it got fixed. And OUUUCH with your washer. Our washer wasn’t that old when it stopped spinning too. Art got a part that was supposed to fix it and it did. But now it sort of spins, but it’s not always perfect. Ahhh well… we know we’re going to have to get a new one too. Your yard always looks awesome every time of year.

  4. Dentist trips are never fun. Glad yous is over. I was wondering if wet leaves would respond to a leaf blower. Good to know they do. Look at all that cool potential mulch for your plants.

  5. wow keeping busy with all those leaves and debris...and rain. We luckily have lawn service in our retirement home and they blow and gather the leaves weekly and we have less. Tooth problems and washer repairs keep you busy-it is almost cheaper to buy new than repair anything these days...

  6. Hope the new washing machine is a good one. And good luck with the crown. Nice to look forward to getting brand new things.

  7. Despite the annoyance, 22 years for a washing machine is a pretty darn good life. Good luck with the new crown.

    The two of you took care of a lot of yard work. The photos are lovely!

  8. I'm curious what kind of washing machine you chose and if you'll be happy with it. Ours is now a few years old but I haven't liked it from the beginning. It is supposed to judge how much water is needed according to how full it is but I've had full loads that ended up not even submerged. Luckily the laundry sink is right there and I add enough water to do the job. Hardly an "automatic" washer. ( Ours is a Frigidaire).

    1. We are replacing a GE with a GE. Both are basic models with no fancy choices, dials or options. The water level is selected wit a dial.

  9. What a full and busy life you have, and it is just wonderful, teeth problems and all. I actually have been having a lot of tooth/teeth issues. Not fun, and terribly expensive, but all in all, life is good.

  10. Lots of work after your high winds. I hope my washer/dry combo hold out and my stove/oven both are 23 years old. Hope you like your new washer. What we found with new appliances ...our electrical bill is less after the new refrigerator and then again after the new air conditioner. We got rebates with both through our electric company. Sounds like you saved the temporary crown and didn't swallow it!


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