Monday, October 4, 2021

Birthday Twins

 Tom and Jan have been celebrating their birthdays together for 80 years now. 

Their official birthday is today, Oct. 4th, but we held our family celebration the day before, on Sunday. 

We met up at Salty's on Alki, overlooking Elliot Bay and downtown Seattle.

View of the restaurant, above, from our shore walk. 

Tom and I arrived early so we had time to check out the setting. This area used to be an extension of the industrial area that still surrounds Harbor Island. Old relics of that heavy industry are placed in planting areas around the parking lot, with additional metal creatures, 

We all assembled around a family table for good food and good catching up. I especially needed to catch up with son Jake, who here was ready to chomp into his steak and eggs, and with grandson Isaac, who has just had his first taste of college life. I made them sit by me. 
My beautiful granddaughter Irene is sitting across from Tom and Jan's cousins April and Karen.
David, our server, was delightful. He took these group photos for me. 
Jan and Tom got fancy cake. 
Happy Birthday to you!

Some of the rest of us got fancy desserts too. There was plenty to share. 

After all of that eating we needed a little exercise. We walked along the shoreline, talking and enjoying the view. There was even a little Beatles music when Jill mentioned that she had been diving near here in an "Octopus Garden". 

Looks like Tom was enjoying his day. :-)

After we all went our separate ways Tom and I took the scenic route around Alki Point and ended up at West Seattle Nursery. Tom needed some stuff for making cuttings. No plants though, just looking. 

When we got home, there was some resting, me, and napping, the birthday boy, before we geared up to catch the light rail into the city. We finished off the day with a stadium full of friends, and Jill, enjoying a Sounders victory. 

It has been a slow start today. Now as I am finishing up this post, Tom is vacuuming. The laundry in laundering. I'll do a little dusting. Tom has swished the bathrooms. I'll finish my autumnal decorating. We hope to get in a gentle walk this afternoon. And I'll cook one of Tom's favorite meals, lamb chops and roasted vegetables, including some of those brussels sprouts. Some rhubarb cake has come out of the freezer and is thawing for dessert. 

Jan declared that now that she is 80 she is only going to do what she wants, and Tom agreed. I'm glad that includes helping with the house work.

Yes, I know how lucky I am to have Tom as my life mate. And I even get a twin SIL included!

Happy Birthday, Tom and Jan!


  1. happy birthday to Tom. i too have a spouse who helps with dishes and cleaning and it is so appreciated. Keep celebrating...

  2. Happy birthday to Jan too! Looks like you had a good celebration! I like the idea of only doing what you want to do!

  3. The twins look fantastic. They certainly have reached a milepost that should let them do what they want. I loved seeing your beautiful family celebrating together. Happy birthday to Tom!

  4. What a great celebration for two wonderful people. 80 seemed to be a special number for me. Now it's over and I just have a birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan! It must be so much fun to have a twin. I love the birthday photos of Tom and Jan. Tom looks so happy. You really do have the most good looking grandchildren ever!

  6. I really like Jan's philosophy. I'm not sure I could stick to it OCD notwithstanding. But when I reach 80 in a few years I'll give it a try.

  7. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan! It looks like you all had a wonderful celebration!

  8. Very nice! One of the perks of getting older is being able to do what you want.

  9. How wonderful! Happy birthday to the two of them, and they both look darn good for such advanced ages! I'm glad they are trying the decade out for me before I need to celebrate my own big day. :-)

  10. Happy Birthday Tom and Jan. Looks like you had a wonderful time and you both wear 80 well. Looking marvelous.

  11. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan! The family get-together looked like a lot of fun. AND those desserts, wow!

  12. Happy birthday to the Twins! What a lovely get together. I love Saltys.

  13. Happy Birthday Tom and Jan! You folks sure know how to do birthdays up right. What a beautiful place to eat, surrounded by all that water. It's so pretty. You're right, Irene is beautiful. You have a beautiful family. You and Tom are a great couple.

  14. You have a wonderful life and a wonderful family. Congratulations! And happy birthday to Tom and Jan, the unbelievable twins! Aloha from Hawaii.


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