Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Collecting The Cup, and a Birthday Gift

Tom had a good birthday.  We spent about three and a half hours working on a sewing project for the October 15th Sounders match.  I bought a little chocolate cake that we shared for lunch.  The rain held off and we went for a two mile walk about 3:00.  Then, finally, about 4:30 it was time to gear up and head for the train.

Near Occidental Park, we met up with Jill and the kids.

They were sitting in the south end with a teacher friend and her daughter who had come along with Jill.  We all did the march to the match, and then parted.  Tom had dinner.
 As game time approached, ECS was in fine form, and all of the 35,500 fans joined in welcoming our team.
Their tifo display was wonderful, depicting how we would slay our third opponent in three years, and 3-peat for the US Open Cup.  Watch this!
 There in the action were Jake, Jill and Isaac.  Jill is waving the Cascadia flag.  Irene was sitting in a calmer place with Jill's friends.
 And the final score, Sounders 2, Chicago Fire 0!
 Just what the birthday boy asked for!
 Captain Kasey Keller collects the cup.
 Showing off the silverware.
The forecast had been for heavy rain the day before, but as game time approached, the forecast improved, and so did the weather.  We had a few light showers, but nothing to dampen our spirits or even get us wet.

It was a wonderful night in Seattle, and a great birthday present!


  1. Wow! You captured the excitement very well. How thrilling! Congrats, Sounders!

  2. I'm delighted your Sounders won. Looks like you had a lot of fun, noise, and crowds.

  3. You are some serious Sounder fans. Congrats on the win. Did they do that especially for your husband? It was his birthday after all.

    I'm back from break and looking forward to catching up on the blogs I missed reading.

  4. Wow! Happy Birthday, Tom!!! This sounds like it was the perfect birthday for Tom! How exciting! Congratulations!

  5. How appropriate, it's always fun when your team wins...

  6. congrats!!

    and Happy Birthday Tom

  7. It does look like a very good time...


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