Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm feeling good today.  I got the house work done this morning, with sunlight streaming in through the windows.  I picked a big bouquet of dahlias and zinnias for the kitchen table.  This afternoon I went for a good walk in the sunshine while listening to mellow music.

The clouds are on the horizon, and the rain is predicted to hit about the time the soccer match starts this evening, but we'll be in our rain gear, so let it come.

On Thursday I made a pirate shirt.  On Friday I started the pirate vest and had it ready to demonstrate sewing when the kids were here for early release Friday. 

When I showed Isaac the shirt, he said, "You started with a shirt and just changed it, right?"  

"Oh, no.  I started with a flat piece of fabric, like this," and showed him another piece waiting to be made into a sash.  His eyes got big.  He was impressed.  I was kind of impressed myself.
Then I demonstrated sewing by putting some seams in the vest.  Isaac was amazed, and of course he wanted to try it.  Isaac loves to figure out how things work.  He wanted to see how I change thread. I fixed him up with some scraps and gave him a short lesson, and then let him sew.  He must have spent about a half hour sewing and cutting things.

Earlier, when the kids were having a snack, their dad, Corey, called. He is in town doing more job interviews.  He called to tell me he would be later than expected because they wanted him to to a polygraph test right now.  I shared this with the kids.

"What's a polygraph," they wanted to know.  So I explained that you get hooked up to wires and are asked questions and the machine can tell if you are lying or telling the truth. If you are a police officer you must always be truthful.

Irene's eyes got big. "I don't want a job!" she exclaimed. 

"How will you buy food and pay the rent", I asked.

"Payday", was her answer.  Then when I explained that you couldn't get paid if you didn't work for someone, she said then she would be a teacher.

"Is that because you don't want to take a polygraph?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered quite gravely.  

Well, we all know that Irene likes to embellish the truth.  She doesn't consider it 'lying'. But obviously she knows she'd have trouble with a polygraph.

"I just like to tell my stories my way," she explained.  And she certainly does.

I love their visits!  I am so enjoying have my grandchildren close by.
I am content.


  1. How nice you are able to teach sewing skills to your grandchildren! I remember still my grandmother teaching me to knit and crochet when I was about 11 years old.

  2. I was just thinking about what I want to write on Eye on the Edge tomorrow, and you came to mind. I love your stories about the grands; they fill some void in my life because, through no fault of my own, I don't have any. :-)

  3. It sounds to me that Irene has what it takes to become a fiction writer. She'll be able to tell her stories her way, for sure.

    It's wonderful that you allowed Isaac a go at using the sewing machine. He'll be back for more.

    Great pirate's shirt, by the way.

  4. Haha! I laughed when I read what Irene said. Too funny!

    I like the pirate shirt. A friend of mine has a young grandson (age 10) who likes to sew dresses for his younger sister (age 5). My friend bought him a pattern, but he had the darndest time following it. He said he prefers to cut the fabric freehand and sew it up on the machine without being told how. The dresses he sews fit his sister very well. He says he wants to be a pumpkin farmer when he grows up.

  5. Aren't children wonderful? You sound very happy these days. The pirate shirt is incredible. I hope Issac enjoys sewing enough to keep it up. You can do wonderful things with a sewing machine these days. Sounds like the Princess was at her best. I love that kid. Good she's surrounded by teachers who recognize white lies when they hear them.

  6. I love Irene's honesty about stretching the truth! There is something to said about that.

    I am quite envious of you having the grands so close, but also so happy for you. I love that you can teach them all those great life skills. Having a grandparent who is available and involved is a priceless gift.

  7. Lucky you, Linda. I'm enjoying being here with my granddaughter, but I've got only two more weeks with her and her parents. It's hard. We're trying to make the most of the days we have left.

    It amazes me what you can do with a sewing machine too!

  8. what a blessing for both of you to have time together...we just returned from visiting a grandchild in santa fe that we rarely see...

  9. You have made me miss both my grand children and my sewing machine.

  10. LOL...I like things my way too..Love that...

  11. Young children have no idea about money. When one of our sons was younger he thought you only had to go to the bank if you wanted money. Nice shirt too Linda - Dave

  12. I smiled all through this post...sounds like everyone is very happy to be together! I think its great that you showed Isaac some sewing tips. In our school system at the junior high level the girls take shop one trimester and the boys home economics. The pirate shirt is awesome!


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