Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodbye to the Land of Enchantment

I'm posting from the Sunport, the Albuquerque airport.  We're hanging out, drinking coffee and connecting once more before we fly away home.  And the sun has returned to New Mexico after the rain and snow.

The weather changed our plans and got us to Taos Pueblo ahead of schedule, and that was so fortuitous because we were able to take the time to enjoy more of the Land of Enchantment.  

The drive through the Rio Grande Canyon, and a side trip off the main road, was one glorious mile after another! 

 We had time to go back to Santa Fe and give more time to Canyon Road, with its galleries and sculpture.

Of course we started with this shop, which deals in Indian crafts.  It's housed on a 250-300 year old hacienda, and is full of treasures.
 The gallery tender recommended this old taverna for lunch.  I had pozole clam chowder.  Yum!
 Canyon Road scenes.

Adios New Mexico.  We were indeed enchanted!


  1. posole clam chowder sounds so've had a great trip...thanks for sharing.

  2. Taos certainly provided many scenic opportunities for photos and artisan's creations to admire or purchase. I have a blogging friend who takes pottery classes in New Mexico and another who often shows us the area. It's beautiful there, but so is Washington State!

  3. Pozole clam chowder - hmmm. I'll have to think about that. You hit all the wonderful spots! I'm so glad you were enchanted. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. I love the last one photo.

  4. That first picture, and the one of the geraniums are simply wonderful. Welcome home, Linda. Just in time for the rain... :-)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all these pictures of your travels. It looks like a soul-renewing trip.

  6. Thank you so much for your visits, Linda. I'm still not caught up with my blog visits. We've had so much to do since returning home.

    Your header photo is amazing!!! Wow! We haven't been to New Mexico in fall. I didn't expect such glorious color there too.


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