Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Ready

What a difference a sunny day makes! 

Because we're going to be gone for nine days and it will almost be November when we get back, we started the yard cleanup Sunday.  It was cloudy/foggy most of the day, and cold.  It was hard to get going.  We worked outside all day Monday too, and the sun did come out to brighten the work.

We still have some things blooming, but we're cutting back anyway.

 A lot of the clippings go on to the garden boxes and will be spaded under as green compost, to rot down over the winter.

Things are still green in the yard, not much autumn color yet. Spring was late, and summer was late and short, so I guess every thing's off schedule.
The bonsai burning bush is burning though.
But green is still the predominant color.

The full moon maple in the front yard is just starting to turn.  I'm hoping we don't miss it's spectacular show.
 In the green house Tom's cutting are looking good.
 The tomatoes are still looking for tat last bit of light and heat.

It's a beautiful day, up to 67 now, but we haven't taken much advantage of it yet.  We've cleaned house, done the laundry, and the packing is mostly done.

We'll be leaving soon for the train to go downtown to the stadium for another Sounders soccer match this evening.  Tom is preparing.  Like a kitty in a sunny window, he's found a sunbeam in which to nap.
We've managed to find nine days between soccer and family activities, and in the morning we're off to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Suzy, my little Acer net book, is coming along, so I should be able to post and bring you along on our road trip. 
Via con Dios!


  1. We pulled up our tomato plants today. We are supposed to get a freeze. I also pulled out all of the zinnias, harvest lavender and rosemary for drying, and have brought a few plants indoors. It is still beautiful here during the day, but it gets down around freezing at night.

    Have a wonderful trip! New Mexico is one of my favorite destinations. The weather should be perfect down there.

  2. happy trails, Linda!!!

  3. Great to see how arduously Tom was 'into it'! :)

    It would be hard for me to cut things back in a garden that looks as beautiful and verdant as yours does! Our truly looks spent and is begging us to cut it back.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  4. Your beautiful garden shows your constant upkeep has paid off. I hope you have a great time on your trip and I get to hear about it on your little Acer. Don't forget to take the cord to connect your camera to the computer. I always do that!

  5. @ DJan - no cord needed. Just insert the flash card. :-)

  6. have a good trip to NM. It's gorgeous in your garden-so green...

  7. It should be great in New Mexico and I look forward to seeing what you see.
    Green composting, I've been wondering about that. I have only a small compost tumbler and is will not fit all the green waste. If you do that then I'm sure it will work here as well.

  8. I love that photo of Tom preparing for the trip. I will be catching up with you when I return to Hawaii on Sunday. I hate leaving Illinois, but it will be nice to be back in Hawaii too. Although things are green in your area, it's definitely fall over here with winter around the bend.


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