Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Soccer

Irene and The Fury played this morning at 9:00.  She played well for her cheering section, and scored her first goal!

While on the bench, she chatted with Aunt Jan.

 I have no idea what the score was, but these little girls played hard in the cold, damp morning air.  Then there was time to go home and warm up before regrouping for Isaac's game at 11:00.
 Uncle Jake joined us for the second match.
 These eight and nine year-olds show a lot of skill.

And they can work just as hard at being goofy, especially when Irene is taking the photos.  Yes, I let her use my big Nikon.  She had a great time, and I had lots of photos to dump. :-)
Isaac scored a goal too!

The kids are off now to spend the day and night with Aunt Jan.  Jill is on her way down town to meet up with friends.  Jake is getting some couch time at his home before loading up the flags and tifo.  Tom and I had plans to get a little yard work done, but we haven't made it out there yet.  We're resting up.

We'll all be heading to the stadium to set up our displays before joining the March to the Match and then the big, final regular season Sounders game at the stadium.  It's officially Kasey Keller Day in the State of Washington and the City of Seattle, as our illustrious goal keeper retires after this season. We'll be sending him out in style.  A win would be nice too.


  1. They are not taking long to get into the games, are they? Love the pictures, and Irene has a definite talent! :-)

  2. Irene had the determined look of one who will really be a great soccer player. I loved how she looked as if she was loving the game.

    Isaac also looks like a natural.

  3. cute closeup of the grand kids soccer playing...


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