Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Sports in Review

We had mixed results here in Seattle this weekend.  

The Washington State Cougars lost a tough on to UCLA while the University of Washington Huskies had a bye.

At the Seattle Sounders match Saturday night, the rain held off but so did the Sounders, getting shut out at home 2-0 to the Philadelphia Union.  The Union had a playoff position on the line, while the Sounders clinched their spot last week.  More motivation?  Losing is not nearly as much fun as winning, BTW.

Sunday the Seahawks played the New York Football Giants in New York.  Nobody gave them a chance.  Tom and I were gathered at "an undisclosed location" painting tifo for the next Sounders match, the final home match of the regular season.  We had the football game on a wall sized projection screen, but were mostly too busy to look up much.  But the big plays got my attention!  Like that 94 yard run after an interception that sealed the win, 36-25, over Eli Manning and the Giants.

I might just have to start giving those football guys more attention now that the futboll season is winding down.


  1. you are a true sports fan. I watch from a distance, mostly in my computer room listening to the sounds of the tv as my hubby watches them!

  2. I guess Pete Caroll is happy, eh? Hawaii does not have an NFL team, so we adore our UH team. On Friday, ESPN will televise the UH vs San Jose State game. Hope we win!

  3. I always think of you when we have any sports win in this part of the country. I hope it made you smile when the Seahawks won...

  4. my Jets are killing me
    so many mistakes after such a promising start
    disappointment is something a loyal Jets fan learns how to handle quickly

    thanks for beating up on the Giants :)


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