Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Great Night For Sounders Soccer

There were 64,140 soccer fans at Century Link Field tonight.  A few of them were San Jose fans.  The rest were dressed in Sounders blue and green.

No need for rain ponchos tonight!  And with all of the festivities, rain would not have been welcome.

It was the last home match of the regular season, and a celebration of the long career of our world class goal keeper, Kasey Keller, who is retiring after this season.

In the north end, where Tom and I sit, some of the members of the North End Faithful created their own banners.

And we hung the big overhead banner that we all worked on.
 O Captain, My Captain!
See all of those small green signs we call two poles.  Tom and I sewed all 48 of those, and I sewed together the big overhead too.  We both helped draw and paint all of it.
 In the south end, where son Jake and daughter Jill sit, the Emerald City Supporters put on their usual spectacular show.
 Scarves up!
 ECS salutes Kasey Keller.

It took a while to tie up the score after San Jose scored early, so it was a tense match to watch.  But our boys came through with another victory.
 And then most of that 64,000 stuck around to honor Kasey Keller.
It's now very late.  I think I need to go to bed.  But it was a great night of soccer in Seattle!


  1. Linda, you had a great day! Loved all the pictures of Irene, too. And you and your hubby did a splendid job sewing those banners. Congrats on a job well done.

  2. Great! And the pictures tell it all, Linda. It's always more fun when our side wins, but the weather was perfect, so that sure helps, no matter what. :-)

  3. what a lot of work-you are super fans!


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