Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Fun

 Well, we got it all done.  The breakfast with friends, the laundry and grocery shopping, the mail sorting, the phone calls to arrange family plans for today and tomorrow.

Tom picked up the kids from early release Friday while I had my lunch, made phone calls and caught my breath.  When they arrived, we sat for a while and had snacks and visited.  They played with the new puppets we bought them on our trip while I made cream cheese frosting for the pumpkin cake I baked in the morning.  The cake is for tomorrow, when we go to Chehalis for the family cider making party. 

The when I got the cake frosted, the kids joined me to lick the bowls and spoons, and use the left over frosting to 'decorate' graham crackers.
Later we read books together and played games until Jill arrived.  I made homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner.  Then we set up to carve pumpkins.

Irene designed hers and supervised while I got the 'guts' out.  

 Isaac planned his with Jill consulting. Isaac was making a pirate pumpkin.
 Irene worked on her heart eyes.
 Jake arrived, having waited out the cross town traffic, warmed up his macaroni, and then got going on his masterpiece. 
 Jill turned her pumpkin over to me to do and consulted with Jake.  I made a cat face.
 Tom was kept busy with clean up duty.
Jake posted his final cannibal pumpkin eater on Facebook via his cell phone.  It's the only one I have a photo of.

By 9:00 everyone was gone and Tom and I finished cleaning up.  Now we're exhausted.  But it was all lots of fun.


  1. Greeeaaat! Looked like loads of fun for all!

  2. You got back from your trip and already you've done all this?!? I am really, really impressed. You ARE Wonder Woman! Those pumpkins are HUGE! They tell me there's a pumpkin shortage in Hawaii.

  3. fun grandkid rest up...

  4. I just love your pictures, Linda. The cake in the first picture is simply gorgeous. And the pictures of the budding artists, love them! I agree with Kay: you are barely home and already creating all this. Amazing!

  5. Good golly. Talk about the energizer just keep going and going and going. Hope all have a happy halloween.


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