Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Morning Nature Treck

It was time for Tom and I to get out for a destination walk.  Rain was supposed to hold off for Sunday morning, so we planned to go to Cedar River Park in Renton and walk along the river, hoping to see spawning salmon.

When I saw on Facebook that Jill had a bad night without much sleep, I decided to invite the kids along.  We loaded their bikes in the van, picked them up about 9:30 and were on our way.

So are there any salmon down there?
Yep.  They are bright red because they are almost at the end of their lives.  They will lay eggs in the gravel and then die.

To get to the river trail you go under the highway.  Irene noticed that some one's party balloons had found a home under the overpass.

Irene likes to collect "nature".  As you can see the big leaf maples along the trail are still green.

 The kids rode ahead ahead then "rested" while we caught up.  That allowed for walking at a fast pace.  But when Irene tried to get fancy, Grandpa had to rescue her from the sticker bushes.
 We stopped at an old railroad bridge over the river.

After over an mile and a half, we turned around and on the way back we took time to pick some blackberries for a snack.  Isaac likes to pick them,
 and Irene likes to eat them.

 Back to the underpass and the park

 We stopped to throw rocks in the river.
 Don't hit the fish!
Irene found this fish print on the bank.  She's sure that a bear came and got it.
We took the kids home and fed them lunch before taking them home to Jill, who used her time to go do some much-needed shopping, alone!

As they were eating lunch Irene said, "Grandma, I'm sure glad you're my grandma."

Me too.


  1. Linda, all this is just too wonderful for words. Girl, you are getting skinny. Looking forward to more reports of experiences with the grandkids. I'm not sure who's having the most fun.

  2. That last line by Irene was touching. So glad you enjoyed the time spent there. Keeping up with the bikes must have been hard. lol.

  3. Yes, I also noticed how slim you are looking, Linda. And the grands, they are really and truly GRAND. You are so fortunate to have them around all the time how, and I think Jill is realizing how cool it is for her, too! :-)

  4. You are beating me to becoming a hot babe again look great... I loved picking those berries when I was a kid..yummy...

  5. You guys really are the best grandparents around and you live in such a fantastic area for the kids. How fabulous to see those spawning salmon. I really enjoyed going along with you on this ride.

  6. As they were eating lunch Irene said, "Grandma, I'm sure glad you're my grandma."
    Isn't that the best feeling?
    Loved the fish print.
    Gotta say it...I really want Isaac to wear his helmet down over his forehead while he's riding. (It's the teacher in me, not the busybody)
    You do look great, and I'm thinking having the kids close now will ensure lots of healthy exercise.

  7. what a fun grandparent-children activity. I got to watch my grandson play soccer in Santa Fe and my son is his coach!

  8. This was a good adventure Linda. Thanks for sharing it - Dave

  9. And how nice that you can just pick up the kids on the spur of the moment for a little adventure.


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