Thursday, October 13, 2011

Silverton, Oregon

We are back home after an overnight trip to Oregon to visit my mother. I can report that she is doing well enough, considering her physical limitations.  It's a pleasure to visit her because it brings her such joy.

Tom and I like to do a little exploring in the Willamette Valley on our trips there.  Wednesday afternoon we spent two lovely hours strolling the shops of the little old mining town of Silverton.  I had been through this town many times, but had never stopped to enjoy it.

Many walls on the old buildings have murals.

There is charm in the old interiors.

 Old buildings have such beautiful craftsmanship.
 1870 is not old in world history, but it is for the Oregon Territory.

Last spring we went to Silver Creek Falls State Park, up in the hills above.  Here in town the stream flows peacefully along Water Street.

The elementary school, right in city center, is still very much alive with children.

This morning we took mom for a drive out in the valley.  Since I was behind the wheel, there are few photos.  But I couldn't resist this stop at a pumpkin patch.

I didn't buy a big pumpkin yet, but I did buy a bunch of gourds and mini-pumpkins, at 5for $1. It was operated on the honor system - fill a re-use plastic bag, and put the cash in a lock box. 

Last spring we found much pleasure in the greens of fields of newly planted crops.  This summer we enjoyed some of the fruits and berries. Now in autumn many of the crops have been harvested - wheat, corn, hops, berries.  Cauliflower is being picked and hazelnut orchards are being "swept" to collect the nuts.  New green is showing in the winter wheat fields.  My valley is a wonderful place!

It was a good trip.


  1. I like the honor system...beautiful blue skies...I'm glad that your Mom is doing ok and that you have a good relationship with her..that sounds strange, but you know why I say that...

  2. fun place to visit, love the colors of the houses and all the history

  3. Fantastic photos, Linda! What a wonderful place to visit. I'm so glad your mom is doing well and that you had fun together. $5.00 for a huge pumpkin? Wow! They are so expensive in Hawaii and I think they were having a shortage. No problem in your area!

  4. Love the honor system out there. Don't think we could have that in Hawaii...

    Lovely pics, Linda! Glad you had a good time with your mother.

  5. I enjoy your photos. It's great to be able to get a glimpse of other parts of the country...virtual travel.

  6. Glad to hear your mom enjoyed your visit, and the pictures of Silverton are really fun. It's an interesting place; I've never been there. The pumpkin patch certainly has an unusual way to sell things, but it must work. I agree with Kay, $5 seems cheap to me for a pumpkin that size.

  7. This looks like an interesting and pretty area for poking around.

  8. Looks like Silverton would be a fun destination.


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