Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Blustery Day

It's very breezy today, but the rain has held off.  Over at Century Link Field the fans are very happy to be dry and have their Hawks ahead, currently 22-7 against the Baltimore Ravens in the 3rd quarter.  

This morning I was reading through the Sunday paper ads and saw a fireplace screen on sale at Target. Jill's little rental house has a working fireplace but no screen.  I talked Tom in to going shopping. We got the screen, a fire poker and bundled up some dry wood from our house and took it over to Jill and the kids.

Turns out Jill had been looking at the same ad, thinking about going to buy one. We set it up, laid a fire, and it was crackling nicely when we left.  She was very pleased.

After lunch I got the Seahawks off to a good 10-0 start and then went out into the windy day for my walk, listening to the game on my ipod.  As soon as I finish posting I'm going to my recliner to finish the game.  Right now it's on the little TV next to the computer.  Go Seahawks!

Remember that I said the yard was all nice and tidy .... for now? 

Well, the leaves are going down fast now on this blustery day.

I do love the red carpet into the secret garden.

 Gotta' love those colors while we have them.  They'll soon be gone.


  1. Wow! I love that fuchsia color. Our Japanese maple is more a dark burnt red. I love yours better.

    You are just the best sort of parents (and grandparents). I know Jill must have been thrilled.

  2. A sight to behold...beautiful!!

  3. Those leaves are just as beautiful on the ground as they were on the trees! The NE has nothing on the NW for fall color in my opinion!

  4. Nice life you have, Linda.

  5. I've loved watching the leaves splashing into skirts around their trees, and into the streets.

  6. On my walk on Saturday I was amazed at the carpet of leaves everywhere. It's been a really beautiful fall, hasn't it? I love your red carpet, too. :-)

  7. That red carpet of leaves is amazing.

  8. ahhh, what a beautiful carpet of red...very lovely~

  9. What game????:) It's too bad our Ravens never really showed up.

    The red carpet is just beautiful.

    And the thing about the fireplace screen -- what a neat coincidence.


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