Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Day to Be Outside

 It warmed up a bit today, and it was clear and sunny, a good day to do some work in the yard.

This morning I cleaned up the patio under the cedar tree, which is very messy, and then collected all of the yard art and glass flowers to be stored for the winter.  Tom moved pots and tender plants into the greenhouse.

At noon we had son-in-law Corey over for lunch and then Tom took him to the airport to fly back to Colorado.  Parting from his family is very hard on him, but until a job opens up here, he has to hang on to his job there.  We can all only hope it won't be too much longer.

This afternoon I took my camera out into the yard again.  The colors have intensified since the last time.

There are still a few roses.   

 I discovered a bird's nest which had been well hidden in the kiwi vine.
 The dogwoods are coloring up now.
 The full moon maple show will soon be over.

Then I went for a long walk in the neighborhood and in the nearby park.

 It's still green in the woods.

Tom prepared a planting area and got some hydrangeas planted.  He worked harder than I did.  But the walk was wonderful!


  1. We had such a short fall this year. I feel like I didn't even get to enjoy it here. Your photos gave me a taste of what I missed.

    We worked in the yard yesterday, but I was just cleaning out beds. The colors are all gone.

    I'm not sure which photo I liked best, but almost settled on the last one. I can see the textures as well as the colors. A rare photographer can capture that. Nice job.

  2. I am glad you like to work in the yard, something I rarely do. Yeah, it's good exercise...

  3. I just love looking at your garden, Linda. You and Tom are really master gardeners. How sad that Corey has to be separated from his beautiful family. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that he finds something soon.

  4. beautiful colors all around you
    amazing photos Linda

    I am hoping a job near home opens up soon for you SIL, I will be crossing my fingers for him

  5. You see nature's beauty everywhere, and are willing to share it with us. Many thanks! I, for one, truly enjoy it.

  6. I love that sweet picture of the mushrooms, but then again, I Love ALL the pictures you take these days. Thanks for the garden tour, and the walk in the park.

  7. gorgeous photos-love the autumn colors, especially the individual leaves and the mushrooms. enjoy the fall it's leaving us here as the weather has turned cold...and even a touch of snow on nearby desert mountains

  8. Beautiful photos. We're working to bring in all the terra cotta pots and ceramics for the winter, too. It always feels so good to be outside in this gorgeous weather -- even if it is to work!

    Yes, leaving his family must be very hard on your SIL. I hope a job materializes very soon.

  9. Your garden is gorgeous in all seasons. Lovely neighborhood photos too, along with the walk in the park.

  10. Oh my roses...and I LOVE the shot with all the colored leaves..I will enjoy yours as ours is mostly gone...


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