Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Free Turkey and a New Range

I was on the phone first thing this morning calling for service on my range.  Using the Internet I found several options and got an appointment for today on the second try.  The repair man would come between 11:00 and 1:00.  I left Tom in charge and went grocery shopping.

The Safeway store is just a few blocks from our house, so I do almost all of my shopping there.  Their deal on turkeys was spent $150 and get the turkey free.  I decided I could probably do that if I just added some of the Christmas baking supplies I would need later to my already long list.  No problem.  The turkey was free.  I spent over $200!  But according to the receipt, I saved $117.00!  It's a good thing I buy things on sale.

Robert the Repair Man arrived about 12:45.  He was great! He spent over an hour tracking down the problem.  He found the parts that needed to be replaced, and called to check on availability.  Problem.

My Whirlpool range is about 12 years old but the part was no longer available.  Robert was surprised at that, since Whirlpool is usually pretty good at having parts, but they are only required to keep them for ten years. The good thing was that the charge was only $60.  Robert said they only charge the basic fee when they have to "condemn" the appliance.  :-(

As soon as we said good-bye to Robert, Tom and I were out the door to go shopping for a new range.  At Lowes we would have to order the range in white - they only had stainless- and it would take two to three weeks.  Sears couldn't get another Whirlpool until Nov.28, but they had a white slide-in Kenmore.  The Sears clerk called Albert Lee for us, but they couldn't do anything for us until next week.  

Next week is Thanksgiving!  I need to bake things!

So we bought the Kenmore.  We hope to have delivery this week.

It's a good thing the turkey was free. :-/


  1. I hope it all goes well. Otherwise, you may need some restaurant reservations.

    I have a Kenmore range that I bought at least 15 years ago. I have really liked it. I hope your's works out well.

    We were ten days without a dishwasher. We had all kinds of installation problems with Lowes. Finally, after my frustration levels reached an all time high, we got the thing installed, but ended up calling our own electrician to do it. That was after Lowes had the thing in stock. We've had the dishwasher a few weeks now. It is working well, but I sure went through a lot to get it.

    I hope there are no hang-ups on your range.

  2. I'm imagining you have barbequed turkey Linda? :-) - Dave

  3. Dave, we actually do plan to BBQ the turkey, with the oven as a back up. But I have pies to bake and yams and stuffing and vegetables to roast. And I was supposed to have the family over this Friday for pot roast. Jill and family will be in Colorado for Thanksgiving. That meal may have to move to a restaurant.

  4. well, one thing always calls for another...a free turkey but no stove...now you have it all the turkey and the oven. Enjoy!

  5. I LOVE the play on words in your title

  6. Well, I am glad your saga had a happy ending!

  7. It is kind of a shame so many things are not "fixable" any more. I also don't really understand the appeal of stainless appliances.
    But enjoy the new oven.
    I didn't want to say this yesterday, but my sister-in-law was without a working oven for 14 months waiting for an electronic part for her Jenn-Aire.

  8. Earlier this year it was the fridge, and now the range. Must be that cursed built-in obsolescence I used to hear about. Glad you'll be cooking on a new range, though. Much less stress.

  9. My trouble with appliances is they rarely give any notice they're on the way out. But once they fail, they need to be replaced immediately. We have to set aside our regularly scheduled lives right way.

    Glad you found a good replacement!

  10. Very nice having the free turkey. I wish our store would offer those deals. Glad you were able to get your stove before Thanksgiving.

  11. I hate it that appliances are considered throwaways...it's awful.. glad you could get one...


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