Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy Tom

Yesterday Tom got started on spreading that big pile of leaves that has been sitting in our driveway.  The pile has been cooking away, and he says it's 120 degrees inside, so he has warmth while he works

The beds that have been mulched so far have  a nice fluffy blanket for the winter.
Today he has been busy preparing for a new member of our household who is to arrive this weekend. Son Jake is moving and can't take his cat so Jozy is coming to live with us.  We haven't had a cat here for a long time, and when we did, we trained them to live here in our style.  But Jozy, who was a five-year-old rescue cat when Jake got her, has been trained to a cat door.

Tom doesn't want a cat door in an outside door that any other cat or squirrel or raccoon can wander into.  Jake will be bringing the cat door that fits into a slider window.

So Tom installed a cat door from the laundry room into the garage.

 He built a platform inside the laundry room window where the cat door will be installed,
 And a walkway outside the window for Jozy to get access.
 It all sounds very complicated, but I just hope it works.  You see Jozy is a hunter and likes to bring her rats and mice and whatever into the house, sometimes not yet dead.  She also apparently barfs a lot.  I want to be able to shut her off from the rest of the house by closing the laundry room door when we are not around.  Nasty surprises are not my cup of tea.

I will let her join us in the family room.  It would be nice if she actually uses this to scratch and not my furniture.  I'll try rubbing some catnip on it to get her interested.
I have friends whose kids have moved back home.  Would that be easier that their pets?  Not sure.


  1. Jozy is one very lucky cat! You have certainly rolled out the red carpet for her.

  2. This is one complicated cat situation! But it looks like Tom has it in hand. Hopefully you won't be finding any surprises. Nice job! :-)

  3. That really does look complicated. You guys are great to do this. My son mentioned leaving his big epileptic dog with us and I had to tell him no. My mother would just not be able to handle it.

  4. Jozy is going to be very happy in her new home. I'm so impressed with all the preparations for her arrival, and the fact that you are taking her in. You deserve a huge hug and a pat on the back for this wonderful act of kindness.

  5. You and Tom are certainly not ones to shy away from a challenge.
    We had my son and his cat for a while...still not sure...

  6. sounds like a real challenge. how about your grandkids-don't they need a cat??

  7. One more thing to keep the two of you very, very busy!

  8. I sure as heck would not permit that cat inside my house! Rodents? ewww.

  9. You might consider getting some Feliway. It mimics the scent that cats leave when they rub their heads on something. You can't smell it but my sister suggested it (she is a vet) for times when things are stressful. You can get it in a spray or I use the diffusers for when the dog visits.

    The vomiting is probably from eating all that stuff from outside. I hope your son has the cat tested for worms as that can be a consequence of being outside. Also that the cats has been vaccinated foe feline leukemia and tested for feline Aids...


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