Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flower Day

One more precious, beautiful day! One more day to tackle yard jobs that need to get done.

I started by washing all of the glass flowers I had picked up earlier and put on the work bench in the garage.  Now they are ready to be stored in the attic.
Then we moved outside to deal with the real flowers. It's time to dig the dahlias.

 This area has tulips in the spring followed by dahlias in summer.
 The tulips are already planted in gallon nursery pots.
 Pop out the dahlias, pop in the tulips.  Princess Irene tulips come first.

 Then the Ad Rem, Negrita and Pink Emperator.
 Hopefully the show will match last years.

 Tom switched back to spading garden boxes and I mowed the lawn.  All is looking tidy... for now.

 All of this before lunch!  After lunch we took the lawn mower over and mowed Jill's lawn.

Then it was time for my walk.  Tom was determined to make hay while the sun shines and got another garden box done while I was walking.  

He adds compost, then spades under the compost and green debris.  Then he lays down landscape cloth and wire fencing.  The landscape cloth keeps the soil from compacting in the winter rain and keeps seeds from sprouting.  The wire keeps it all in place.
These beds are ready for winter.

We expect a weather change tomorrow.  Maybe we'll rest a bit.


  1. It looks like a wonderful and protective day. Your yard is beautiful!

  2. Good gosh! I know I've said it before, but you guys are just so amazing! You get more done in a day than I get done in a week! I didn't even walk today... again... I'm in trouble. Next time we get ourselves to Seattle I would love to see that garden on yours.

  3. Too much work for us. I would rather hire a landscaper. Wonder what your biceps look like...

  4. If you ever want to start another career, you could be a professional landscaper! Gorgeous pictures. What hard workers you guys are.

    I don't even dig my dahlias any more. I thought for sure they would all be gone after last winter being cold, but they all bloomed this summer. I think they are getting used to neglect. :)

  5. Your yard amazes and your husband do too! So organized in your work...almost make it look fun! :) I'm energized and off to clean a flower bed now!

  6. it looks lovely and you are ready for spring...bring on winter lol!

  7. What can I say? Yes, it is work, but it is work we want to do. Is it fun? Maybe it's more accurate to say it feels good. Being outside, working in the earth, watching the cycle of nature, it's what we do. If you are a gardener, you garden in all seasons. Work we do now pays off in the spring, but it also pays off right now in the way we feel, with fresh air, exercise, a sense of accomplishment, and being in tune with the seasons.


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