Friday, November 11, 2011


We knew it was too good to last.

That's why we worked so hard all week. 

Today the rains came.  This is November rain, cold and steady.

It will take the leaves down quickly now.  We'll be cleaning up until after Thanksgiving.

No more patio sitting now for many months.
But there is still plenty to do.  Today we went to breakfast with our Friday morning group.  Back at home we cleaned house and did laundry.  Then I went shopping.

Ooops. While I knew it was Veterans Day, I forgot to remember that lots of folks had the day off.  After all, when you are retired, every day is a holiday, right?  I went to Jo Anns for fabric to make a Thanksgiving table cloth.  I had to wait a half hour to get my fabric cut.   

I got back home about 1:30, had lunch,  and then I was off to the neighborhood Safeway for some groceries.  Ooops.  People everywhere! I finally got back home and then I was late getting my beef stew started. That done and into the oven, I finished putting groceries away.  At 4:00 I was finally done with that, and was left wondering where the day had gone!  

The rain let up enough to let some late sun light up the clouds.  Now at 4:40 darkness is setting in.  

It being Veterans Day and all, it makes me think of "Taps".
Day is done, gone the sun
From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky.
All is well, safely rest.
God is nigh.
I can only hope that our veterans, retired and active duty, are safely resting tonight.  Thank you for your service.


  1. I also forgot about the holiday in that banks were closed and the town hall, etc. We had a quick bit of hail/snow as well as rain. I'll bet no one will be rocking you to sleep as you get all of those leaves under control!!

  2. Amen. I didn't forget about the holiday, but this morning a young boy walked in the rain back to his apartment because his mother had forgotten there is no school today. After a wonderful hike yesterday, the weather today is exactly opposite.

    As usual, I love your pictures of the leaves piling up and the shine coming off the rainy patio.

  3. Mom actually went out to get the mail today before realizing... oops! No mail service.

    Your patio looks gorgeous even in the rain! I'm glad you got the work done before the rain moved in. Funny that we had a more of less sunny day today. It's been rainy over here too.

  4. I loved the way you ended this post.

  5. Yep. All is well, safely rest.

    The leaves are finally coming down. And the rain has arrived.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Great post today. Enjoyed your 'everyday activities' and seeing your yard in all it's autumn glory. Such an appropriate ending. Amen to that!! Have a funderful weekend! ~karen

  7. Nostalgic! I really do love the fall with the fallen leaves and the rain and the feeling that it is time to take a bit of a rest. Nice pictures.

  8. Ah yes the rain and wind arrived here today too. A good excuse to slow down and inhabit my home more for the looking wet, dark, and cooler months.

  9. lovely photo. i went to the post office to use their automatic mailing machines and several people came in to mail stuff and discovered it was veterans day and the po was closed. We went to a lovely Veterans day program with flags, song, tears and vets.

  10. It does seem that time goes faster now or do I just work more slowly. I remember when I could get all of the errands done and work as well.

  11. Your garden looks great in the rain, but I would rather have snow that a cold steady rain.....

  12. "Taps" is so sad and so beautiful. A perfect association with your sunset.


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