Sunday, April 22, 2012

Reeder Garden on Earth Day

What a morning!  The sun was shining through the new leaves of the red Japanese maple.  Sunlight and shadows played on the lawn.

Shade softened the colors of the tulips.
 The azalea bonsai has burst into bloom.
 Little things are blooming everywhere.

 As the sun moved through the day the tulips glowed in the full sun.
 Tom got another garden box ready for planting.
 Peas and radishes are up.
 I finished edging the lawn.  Tidy edges make everything look better.

 The trilliums have gone from white to purple.  Too soon they'll be done.
 Hostas and unfurling.

 On the front porch the Lewisia are blooming.

We spent much of the day working in the yard.  Now it's about time for some sitting on the patio.  The weather station says it's 74.

What a Happy Earth Day!


  1. What a day! What a garden! You don't need to travel anywhere to enjoy a garden as beautiful as RoozenGaarde's. Just different and in many ways, even better. Thank you for including me. :-)

  2. Your garden equals any I've seen you visit. I can't imagine there's enough hours in a day to accomplish all you do outside. Do you sneak outside and work in the dark?

  3. what a gorgeous day and reflects all your hard work.

  4. Your gardens are spectacular, a veritable Eden. I know they're the result of many hours of work, though.

    I need to do some edging....

  5. Your garden is a true inspiration. It is also obviously the result of a labor of love, creativity, and hard work.

  6. Linda, it seems like I was just here ... look at all these beautiful photos! Your yard is gorgeous, of course, and my favorite tulip photo is the one with the really dark clouds in the background.

    Thanks for the treat!

    Kathy M.

  7. Your garden is always an inspiration. We are certainly ahead of you here, though. I'm almost ready to pull my first bush snap peas out (they gave me about three pounds)to make way for tomatoes. Another planting is starting to bloom. With 90 degree weather last weekend I worry my lettuce will bolt so we are eating lots of salads.

  8. Oh wow, Linda! Super duper gorgeous!!! Happy Spring!


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