Friday, April 27, 2012

Rockaway Getaway

We're back home now and quickly falling back into busy routines.  Tom went to Friday morning breakfast, but I stayed home because Irene is sick and I am her caretaker today.

Josy the cat is also glad to have us back so she can get back to her normal schedule of sleeping in out of the way places.

On Monday we drove from Seattle to Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast, stopping in Astoria on the way to say Hi to the sea lions.

 They seemed quite content in the sunshine.

 We always stop for the view on Neakanie Mountain.
 The cabin awaited us in sunshine.
 We unloaded our gear and took off to take advantage of the good weather.  Tillamook Bay and the jetty channel were calm.

 In Garibaldi it was warm and clear.
 One of my missions on this trip was to purchase a wind sculpture from an artisan in Garibaldi.  My aunt had given me some money for a memorial for my mother and her husband, my uncle, to be installed in our garden.  I though a wind sculpture would be perfect, and I knew just where to get one.
 I'll have a followup post when we get it installed.

When the rains came, Tom played with his new tablet and I spent a lot of time on trip planning.
 Tom figured out how to take pictures with his tablet.  Here is one result.
 On Thursday morning the sun came back as we packed up to start the trip back to Seattle.  It's good to have the sun back when you leave, because it assures that we will want to come back again.
 We stopped at the Antique Mall in Wheeler a favorite haunt of ours.
 We enjoyed the beach views near Cannon Beach.
 And we stopped back in Astoria to eat tuna fish and chips at the Bowpicker.
Now we'll be back on our healthy eating regimen.  

Tom's back, so it's time to go grocery shopping.


  1. Next time I know I'm going to Astoria I'm going to contact you for directions to the Sea Lions and that eating place.

  2. Wow, it looks like you had a marvelous time! The beach is beautiful..I love the sail boat photos and oh my, the sea lions are so cute...I love the eyes on that one! I'm glad you are home and getting into a routine...and YES, I do not like my eating habits when I'm on vacation so it's good to get home and find those 'normals'...take good care and hope Irene feels better!

  3. What a good time! The little red cottage by the water...I remember that well. Looking forward to seeing the wind sculpture in one of your many, beautiful gardens.

  4. fish and chips. YUMMY!

  5. A wonderful travelogue of the northern Oregon coast. Now I will have to remember these places for the next time head that way.

  6. Looks like a fun trip! Great sea lion pictures.


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