Greetings from Seattle

Monday, August 6, 2018


We picked our first tomatoes this weekend!

 These are the first tomatoes of the season, from plants Tom raised from seed. The first weekend in August is early for tomatoes here. 

The basil is big enough to start using. The zucchini has been slow and not prolific this year, which is probably a good thing. 

The green beans are coming on, and we have been picking carrots and beets.

 Sunday evening I put them all together for our dinner.
 We honored those first tomatoes by using them to make a caprese salad. 
Yum! It was all delicious! The taste of summer.

Oh, and I started my day with breakfast on the patio, cereal with fresh berries (from the store).
Ah, summer!


  1. Gorgeous harvest of vegetables. It all looks delicious.

  2. Our zucchini is really prolific, especiially the yellow ones. I've been giving it away whenever I can make people take it! Your pretty breakfast is making me want the same thing! :-)

  3. We've certainly had tomato weather this summer! Your harvest and what you've done with it looks delicious! Oh that summer could last even longer.

  4. Wow! I’m so jealous of you and DJan. We’re in Illinois right now and can’t believe the prices of fruits and veggies compared to Hawaii. Sigh....

  5. yummy, we just picked all our peaches green to save them from the!

  6. Nothing is better nor more rewarding the a fresh from the garden meal. Makes it all worth while and tastes marvelous.

  7. That all looks so appetizing. The availability of fresh fruit and veg in summer is a definite plus.

  8. Well, I have tomatoes, beets and carrots and as you know are they ever good. Nothing beats produce directly from the garden.

  9. Because we have warm weather all year long, I plant vegetables, all year long. However, my harvests are SO poor, and your harvests, in a few short months are just awesome. Papayas are the only saving grace for my non green thumb - and I don't really like papayas! Go figure.

  10. Your produce is so pretty and colorful, even after cooking it, and it looks healthy! Sure different from cooking green beans seasoned in fat back grease like we southerners do. :)


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