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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Flower Crop

While we have been harvesting a  modest amount of vegetables, the products of my cutting garden are abundant.
Sweet peas don't like the heat, but enough persist to make small bouquets. The lilies are going much too fast. :-(
The dahlias are coming on strong.
A few giant marigolds brighten the arrangement.

That big purple dahlia is new, and deserves its own staring role.  The first asters are beginning to bloom. 
 Zinnias are so bright and wonderful. 
We dig the dahlias each year, store them in the garage, and then replant them in a raised bed for cut flowers. All of the rest of the flowers are annuals and are raised from seed.

So what do I do with all of this bounty of beauty?

The zinnias and the lily are in the powder room.

 Sweet peas are on the kitchen table ( Are those Charlie ears I see)?

 And a little bunch sits on the display cabinet by Great Grandma's clock and the little July figurine by Josef that my sister gave me as a birthday gift several years ago. 
 The dahlias go on the coffee table in the family room.
 And the purple dahlia jug sits on the kitchen counter. 
Most of the arrangements will last four or five days, and then I'll get to do it all over again. 


  1. That’s amazing you grew most of those from seed. Apparently all the work you do in the soil really pays off. That purple dahlia is wonderful to behold.

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Maybe you just told me why I can't grow sweet peas. Do the new shade? do they need to be cool. I have less and less success with my sweet peas.

    1. Peas are a cool weather crop. They do need sun, and enough warmth in the soil to sprout in early spring. They are very happy in 70 degree temps, but they tend to shut down in higher temps.

  4. how fun, would love to have cut flowers in my home but cactii don't have!

  5. Such bounty your garden is providing now. The colors are so gorgeous. This is the time of year when i used to like to go out and pick myself a bouquet of wildflowers. These days, with an invasion of ticks and poison parsnip, I wouldn't dare do that. I stick to walks on pavement and admire other people's flower gardens along the way these days. And pick up the occasional bunch of flowers at the farmers' markets.

  6. They are so beautiful! You have the best flowers of any of my blogging friends, Linda. Thank you for sharing your bouquets. :-)

  7. It is like you live in a flower shop. Just stunning arrangements and your reward for all the work.

  8. I've never seen such pretty flowers. Never! I think those in the powder room are my favorite. I'm so glad I looked back to see your post "SeaFair in Seattle". You know how I love seeing and hearing about Jill, Isaac, and Irene. It amazes me how fast the children have grown up. I appreciate your nice comment on my last blog post. Thank you!

  9. An impressive and beautiful flower crop. Your arrangements are very colorful and cheerful, just like this wonderful summer season.

  10. My classy girlfriend always has fresh flower arrangements in her home. Such a wonderful touch, and all from your garden! Super impressive.

  11. Fun! You are lucky you can have flowers in the house! I need to cut some for a vase on the patio table:)


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