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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Clipping and Zooming

It was that time of the years again, time to get the lawn tidied up. As a somewhat OCD type person, I need to have my edges sharp and tidy.

I haven't been doing much yard work due to my back issues, but one thing I can do is crawl around on my knees. This job calls for plenty of that. 

I didn't re-cut the edges this year with a shovel like edging tool, Since I have left them in pretty good shape last fall, I figured I could just get by with re-cuttting with my long handled grass sheers, cutting just a bit into the sod. The worked pretty well.

We have a big lawn with a LOT of edges, so I spread this work over three or four days, interrupted with that day trip to Whidbey Island. I cut a section and then with bucket and trowel, cleaned up the trimmings and weeded out weeds and straying grass from the edges. That's the hands and knees part. 

I finished on Friday afternoon in the sunshine. This morning a light rain is falling, making everything glow. We haven't had any rain all month so it is a welcome change. Besides, I overdid it yesterday in the push to get the job finished, so today is a rest day. 

Here's how it looks though. My OCD is calmed for now.

 I'm hoping the cooler weather will slow down the tulips. I don't want them to go away too fast. 

As of this week, we have leaves! The Japanese maples are so beautiful at this stage. 

And about that Zoom part. Yesterday being Friday and also granddaughter Irene's birthday, we book ended the day with Zoom meet ups. Our breakfast group has been getting together electronically via zoom, and we are having fun with it. 40 minutes goes fast.

Irene had a Zoom party with four of her besties during the day after they arrived at the Whidbey cabin. BTW, at the same time, Isaac was taking a math test remotely. Technology is playing an important role in keeping us together these days

In the evening we had a Zoom birthday party with Irene and her two sets of grandparents and her Aunt Jan. 
We sang Happy Birthday, watched her blow out her 15 candles, and open her cards and gifts. We laughed and had fun.


  1. Oh to be 15 again! Happy Birthday to your Irene! Your gardens are beautiful already! :)

  2. I couldn't help but admire those fantastic lawn edges. And happy birthday again to Irene! Hard to believe she is already 15. :-)

  3. What a beautiful family and garden you have. Blessings!

  4. Happy Birthday Irene! Your garden is looking beautiful!

  5. You've been very busy. The edges here get worse every year. Hands and knees are okay . It's just the getting back up that's the hard part.

  6. Happy Birthday to Irene! Your gardens look absolutely beautiful and the Japanese maples are stunning. Hope your back pain eases soon.

  7. I want the tulips to stay as long as possible too. I enjoy them so much. Your edges are all any one could wish for.
    Everything looks very neat and tidy. You've been busy.
    I'm amazed you can do them and not aggravate your back.

  8. Happy Birthday Irene. Maybe not the one you wanted but the one you will never forget and will tell your children about.
    Wow, that is some amazing edging. It just makes your garden stand out so. Be proud.

  9. Sometimes I wish I had some of that OCD especially when it comes to edging the flower beds. It looks so neat. I have had that on my "to do" list for three years. ha.... Your garden looks fantastic. Zoom is helping people stay in touch. I just did my first conference call ever the other day and we did two in one day. ha... I will have to work up to Zoom. ;)

  10. beautiful spring yard, we use zoom also for some important church keep in touch!


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