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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Rain and Relief

It's raining, finally. 

The pollen has been thick over everything, and our gardens are getting dry. We have not had rain in all of April so far. So much for April showers.

But today, on Earth Day, we are getting a cleansing, moisturizing, welcome rain. We will appreciate the rain.

 The new leaves on the Lady's Mantle hold rain like jewels as the pollen puddles in the middle. 

 The tulips were going over too fast, Now they will last longer. 

The rain has just begun. Now I will appreciate from inside.

I am feeling relieved today not just because of the rain. Yesterday I had my latest echo cardiogram. I have been dreading it ever since the last one, six months ago, because that one was so painful and the bruising from the probe lasted most of those six months. I didn't know how I could stand another. I emailed my cardiologist about a month ago, asking if there was some other test I could have for aortic valve stenosis, but there isn't. I told her why I was dreading another echo and she said she would put a note on the referral. 

I don't know if that did the trick, but something was different. The technician was none too friendly as we got started. I asked for, and got, a pillow to put between my knees to help with my sciatica, which I explained to her as a reason why I might need to move during the 40 minute procedure. I mentioned how much the last one hurt and that I would try to be a good patient, but there were no guarantees this time. She told me she was the one who had done the last echo, and she always did them the same way. But something was different. I didn't argue. I was just quietly relieved as she proceeded without putting undue pressure on the probe, didn't really even hit the sore spots she had dug into last time, and I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure. As she finished up, she quietly said "You did it." 

Yes, I did. So did she. I thanked her.

I have to wait well into next month to get the results. I will try to get a phone appointment instead of the in person one I have scheduled. Precautions were taken. We were met in the parking garage, still in the car, had our temperatures read and were given masks. We used supplied hand sanitizers. There we no other patients in out waiting area. We felt safe. But staying home is safer. 

I hope you are at a time and place where you can appreciate the beauty of our Earth on this 50th Earth Day. I know that Earth is relieved that we are polluting her less these days. 


  1. Perhaps the Tech was in a bad mood last time. I thought it was a painless procedure. Glad it went better for you. :) Enjoy your rain!

  2. I'm glad it was better this time. It is good that you spoke up. I've had that test with no pain or bruising so I wonder if she just pushed on the probe too hard the last time, or maybe she was new before and has learned more by now. Your garden is beautiful, rain or shine!

  3. Was sorry to hear and I was so surprised about your discomfort. I have had two of them and there was no pain. You must have caught her in a really bad mood the first time.

  4. What a relief for you to have a much less stressful and painful echo cardiogram this time around. Here's hoping for encouraging results from the test.

  5. Yes, Earth needed a break! Happy Day!

  6. I am enjoying our rain, too. It fell pretty much all day long and there's more on the way tomorrow. Nice! :-)

  7. I hope that the results of your echocardiogram are very positive. I've had procedures that were very uncomfortable and the next time was much better. Your hard work on the garden has now been helped by a good rain.

  8. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, Linda.
    I’ve been seeing in the news how many countries are now seeing blue skies because there is less air pollution. Animals are also coming out happily now that they’re not bothered by man. Is this nature’s way of balancing life on the planet?

  9. Oh... I forgot to tell you how much I love your Skagit Valley header photo. It brings back memories.

  10. anything medical seems scary during these virus times...glad it went well.

  11. Happy Earth Day to you too Linda. I am glad your area finally got some rain. So strange to not have rain in April. We haven't had as much as usual either but not as dry as your area. I am also happy to hear that your procedure went better than last time. Goodness I wonder what was the difference.

  12. I'm late, but Happy Earth Day to you. Glad to hear your test went as well as it did. I hope the results are good.

    Take care and stay well!

  13. The red ones are my favorite! I am your newest Follower.


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