Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It's Time to Start Planting

We visited the Garden Center at the Fred Meyer store this morning. We didn't bother with the groceries or the clothing or the automotive or any of the other many departments. We tried our best to avoid other shoppers, especially those who showed up without masks. We were only interested in plants.

We had made a list of what we wanted to fill or refresh our patio and porch pots and planters We found much of what we wanted. I'm going to start on some smaller pots this afternoon. We have a rainstorm coming tonight, and then after that we'll be cleaning pots and planting them up.

We plan to visit a favorite nursery tomorrow. We will be looking for a few special things, and just want it to be a fun outing. It's harder to enjoy being out when there is so much yet to avoid.

Spring is in full bloom here now. The "bloomin' wall" is doing its thing along the driveway.

The Lewisia are blooming on the front porch.

The Black Mondo grass and Angelina sedum are looking good under the bonsai bench. 
The Golden Hop is growing a half a foot a day, and will soon be lifted and trained unto the gate.
Tom's geraniums from cuttings are out of the greenhouse and will take their places next week.

May Day is Friday. While we are still on most restrictions here in Washington State, time moves on and the seasons progress. It's time to plant!


  1. Your blooming wall is wonderful! Your plants are growing so fast!

  2. The one thing that hasn't been affected by this virus are gardens. Thank goodness for that! And the entire neighborhood looks better because people are stuck at home and cutting their lawns and trimming their bushes.

  3. Wow! Your header photo is just spectacular. I remember how gorgeous it was. Spring is truly busting out all over at the Reeder garden.

  4. This is so inspiring!

    What got you started making Bonsai?

  5. Gardening will help to take our minds off the monster. You have an awesome garden at this early season.

  6. You have such a beautiful place. It's always nice to see it in bloom. :-)

  7. I really liked that blooming wall but all the color you have is just beautiful. Nature doesn't seem to care that there is a nasty bug out there and it just keeps doing its thing. I wonder at the mindset of those who are going barefaced these days. Guess they don't want to hide their beautiful? faces:(

  8. fun times planting, my hubby planted one cherry tomato plant today and some desert daisies...Our roses are in full bloom will have to post some photos-also it's going to be 96 degrees...HOT

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  10. Your header picture is breathtaking. And I'm glad it is time to plant. The "bloomin' wall" along the driveway is so pretty. I don't know how you and Tom make it all so perfect; never a weed to be seen. Sure takes a lot of work, doesn't it.

  11. I got out this week too. I went to an open garden center. It was packed and most people had on masks and kept their distance. It was fun to see all the colorful plants. I got a few for our pots on the patio. I need some more but want to check out some different places for different plants.


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