Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrate Solstice!

It's the first day of summer and the longest day of the year!  Celebrate!  We are.

We have a sunshiny day.  It will reach the 70's! 

I know some of you are sweltering in the heat and are not celebrating for that reason, but celebrate the light, and remember how it feels in December.

Jill and the kids are off to the zoo with friends today, and Tom and I are doing a bit of house and yard work before we head to town for appointments.  But this evening we'll all be back here for a cook out and a "bon fire" in the fire pit to celebrate the solstice.  There might even be some dancing, in the tradition of our Nordic ancestors.

Here comes summer!


  1. Celebrating here :) 84 degrees and the sun is shining here in Northern Virginia.

  2. It's another crazy day for us here in Hawaii. Rain over here. It's been a weird spring here. Lots of rain. The solar panels are not doing well.

    I'm so happy for you that you've got the family together. I sure am missing our kids and grandkid.

  3. It sounds just wonderful there, Linda. We are in the seventies north of you, too. I hear it's not supposed to last long, but heck, a day or two here and there is WAY better than none at all.

    I have been wondering about your foot. Is it still bothering you or did it stop?

  4. summer solstice- I was in sweden one summer and it is really celebrated there...


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