Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"I Love Being At Your House, Grandma"

"And we love having you here".

Grandpa's collection of pop-up books keeps growing, and Irene has a harder time choosing between the new ones and the old favorites, so the bed-time story time grows longer too.
There was a new snuggle blanket for couch time in the mornings.
Sunday the kids checked everything out in and out of the house.  They both spent time in the playhouse, and we went for a walk up to the new school and checked out the playground.

Monday was another nice day.  Isaac made Grandpa get out his old electric train.  There are now tracks in the dining room.  That project is now on hold as they await delivery of a new transformer.
In the afternoon they played dress up, using clothes I had stashed in the closet and had hung in the playhouse.  I believe we have here the King of England and is daughter the Princess.
 They explored the realm.
Sometimes daughters need a little correcting, and eight year old boys need to ham it up.
 The royal cottage, i.e. The Playhouse.
 Irene is the queen of this realm.
Lots of good play doh cooking goes on here.

Last night Jill and the kids took off for Whidbey Island for the rest of the week, where they met up with Aunt Jan, and later, Uncle Jake.  Tom's sister gets her turn to be with them, and we are not invited.  But we plan to crash the party on Thursday, using the excuse that we need to go up and tend the garden.  We can share, but not that much!


  1. How adorable are they!! Love your pictures. Grandchildren are just the best!

  2. Great photos. These kids will have such memories of carefree summers. You are wonderful to help provide that.

  3. It looks like you are all have a wonderful time. Your grandson looks a lot like you.

  4. I wonder if Irene's hair will remain blonde when she is an adult. She and Isaac are such beautiful children. You are very lucky to have them.

  5. what sweet sweet children...such adorable smiles! I can tell Grandma is very proud; as you should be!

  6. It's not at all hard to believe your grandchildren enjoy being at your house!

  7. how fun, enjoy each moment soon they'll be teens and not as creative in their play...lol!

  8. You are giving them plenty of building blocks of happy memories Linda, I think you're a great grandma and grandpa. And yes I think a gatecrashing the party is in order.

  9. I'm impressed with the preparations you made and the play opportunities you have for your grandchildren.

  10. What a wonderful wonderful world you have created for your grandchildren. They have no idea how fortunate they are, but when they are telling their children about the childhood memories they have, then they will remember and realize these were special times.

  11. Grandchildren are the best! Looks like yours have a great place to visit!

    Your wisteria is beautiful too!


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