Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Sunny Day...

Sweepin' the Clouds Away".
No, not on Sesame Street, but the air did smell sweet, on Whidbey Island.  It seems like it took half of our time to get through Seattle this morning, and again this afternoon because the traffic was awful, but it was well worth it to spend some time in the sun on the island.

While we weeded and tidied up the yard, we had plenty of time to observe the comings and goings of the vacationers.

Isaac and Irene are ready for a canoe ride on the bay.

Grandpa gives Jill, Jan and the kids a shove off.
Remember the frog shirts?  It's Frog Camp Day at Whidbey.
 Jill decided it was bikini time.
 Fun on the beach.
 Beach soccer with Uncle Jake.
We left a little before three so we could stop at Bayview Nursery and still catch the 3:30 ferry.  We had never quite timed our visits right to catch the Laburnum Walk in full splendor.  Today we did!

Wow.  The air was certainly sweet here. 

A sweet, sunny day.


  1. So much fun and gorgeous flowers, too! You do have beautiful grandchildren, Linda! So glad they had sun on Whidbey!! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, lots of love and laughter!!


  2. Glad you had a good time on the island. God bless!

  3. I read this blog and the two previous ones. Its obvious you love your grandchildren Linda. Good photos too! - Dave

  4. You have a wonderful island retreat, lovely flowers to stroll through and beautiful grandkids to love and adore, Linda! Loved the photos in the previous posts of them playing dressup and the wonderful playhouse you have provided for them! Enjoy summer with them!

  5. Holy cow. The Laburnum Walk is spectacular. Actually, the entire day sounded spectacular. Love the photo of Isaac and Irene on the driftwood. It's frame- worthy.

  6. Gasp! That picture of the laburnum is spectacular! I hope that is the name of the yellow flowers I've been seeing all over town lately, not looking quite this amazing, but almost. And your grands are definitely photogenic.

  7. The laburnum walk is amazing. I agree with DJan. Your grandchildren are very photogenic. You are all making treasured memories.

  8. Aha! Laburnum - that is the name I have been looking for! Gorgeous pictures! Nothing like the beach for a sunny day!

  9. Wow! You certainly know where to find dynamic flowers in bloom!! Beautiful!!


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