Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Part II: Running Away To the Sea, and Other Places

Whatever was not working with Blogger this morning is working now, so here is the rest of our trip to Oregon.

Friday morning found us back at the Garibaldi bakery, where Jill loaded up again. 
Then we went to visit the trains at Lumberman's Park, across the street from the bakery.  This is one of those "must do" stops, which my kids always required, and now so do the grand kids.
On to the Blue Heron Cheese Factory, and the petting farm.

And then to the Tillamook Cheese Factory to watch the famous cheddar being made, and then have an ice cream lunch. With all of this eating, yes, I did come back two pounds heavier, but I've already taken them off and am back to counting calories.
The north jetty at Tillamook Bay was rebuilt last year, which means instead of boulder hopping, it's easy walking.  That's where we went next, to enjoy a mild, sunny morning with almost no wind, a rare combination here.

Yay!  We made it.  In all of my time spent here, this is the first time I've walked clear out to the end.
Back at the cabin it was beach time. There was just enough breeze to fly the new kites.

 And of course, the kids were back in the surf.
And we had another evening beach fire.
Saturday was rainy, so we spent more time in the cabin.  I actually cooked breakfast, but Jill did still make a bakery run, donuts to go.  Saturday evening we packed up, cleaned up the cabin, and headed inland, over the Coast Range Mountains, to the Willamette Valley.  We stayed in a hotel so we would be ready for a full day on Sunday. 

It was time to visit my mother, Jill's grandmother, the kids' great grandmother, in her new digs.  Irene was very anxious to check out the new apartment, and Isaac wanted to see if she still had some of her owl collection.  They both thought the place passed inspection. 

Then Irene sat down to tell Grandma all about her adventures.
We went for a little walk around the complex and posed for photos.

The kids wanted a chance to say good bye to Grandma's house, and ride once more on the tire swing in her yard.  They liked it that it was just across the street from Grandma's new home.
A highlight of visiting Molalla is a trip to Shady Dell and the train park.  The line was short and the wait wasn't long.
 Chug-a chug-a, off they go.
There were lots of locomotives in use that day, and Irene got to ride most of her favorites,
 But, alas, not Thomas.
We stopped by to see Mom once more before heading back to Seattle.  It was another wonderful Oregon vacation.


  1. What a great trip! I love that Oregon beach and the Tillamuck cheese factory. The donuts look pretty good too!

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  3. What fun times you and your grandchildren are having Linda! It was fun to read your comments and see your photos. Thanks for sharing - Dave

  4. I love your pictures, especially that wonderful one of Irene with her kite and one leg in the air. And the picture of her talking with her great grandma. What a great Oregon trip, and chronicled so well with pictures to cherish forever! :-)

  5. a four generation trip-how fun for everyone and SUN on top of all that...I remember those days when I could eat doughnuts and not gain a pound...long long ago.

  6. First I must tell you what a lovely header photo you have! As for your vacation together, wow! What fun you all must have each and every day! I loved the photos of the kite flying, Irene chatting with her great-grandmother and how the children wanted another swing on the tire swing! Wonderful memories to tuck away...

  7. Oh Linda,
    It looks like you had a marvelous time...I love all the photos of such joyous times, especially the jetty and the beach--the kites are lovely!
    Super that you only gained 2 lbs. Good for you!

  8. I, like DJan, loved the photo of Irene flying her kite with one leg in the air. You truly are making memories to last a lifetime for all of you.

    Thank you for allowing me to see the area around Tillamook Bay again. My husband and I were there a few years back. I love Oregon!

  9. Too bad your Oregon trip had to end - it was so lovely. Your mother looks happy and content. You should send her the photo of her and Irene as well as the one of you all together outside. She could then frame and set them near her bedside to look at from time to time.

  10. Love the photo of Irene talking earnestly with her great grandmother. Excellent four- generation shot, too.

  11. Gracious! I thought I left a comment here, but I must have been called away. Your photos really make me soar. What a terrific, beautiful family. Love and happiness are so evident!

  12. I am enjoying all the beautiful family photos..

  13. I have a photo in our living room of my husband and daughter at Blue Heron Cheese factory. We made a stop there on our way to Tillamook County Creamery. Thirty years ago I worked for a cottonseed company that shipped hull pellets to Tillamook farmers and I had always wanted to see the creamery. Our daughter attended Linfield College in McMinnville.

  14. Will the kids be back in town the weekends of July 8-10 and July 15-17? If so, you can get tickets at the Northwest Railroad Museum for a Day Out With Thomas. Irene will get to ride Thomas and the kids can spend the day doing all sorts of Thomas-related activities. We have taken Zachary the last 2 years and he LOVES it!


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